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Baltimore Illuminated

Baltimore, NJ February 7th, 1817. Baltimore was the first city outside England to adopt gas street lights (London in 1807 was the world’s first) and the first in the United States. Today, seeing natural gas at $1.90 d/th maybe we

By |February 7, 2016|

Buying Decisions – Cheap Gas

Buying decisions are easy when prices are low – aren’t they? If you are wondering what buying decisions have to do with low gas prices – read on. It’s incredible to me that gasoline (petrol for those over the pond)

By |February 18, 2016|

The Art of Smart Energy Procurement

Warhol said, “I’m not afraid to die; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Andy Warhol, the American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art, died on this day

By |February 22, 2016|

Oil Oil Everywhere

Oil Oil Everywhere Oil, oil everywhere – prices are down again today as inventories rise. The black blood which runs through the veins of the world’s economies has dominated the news every day for the 20 plus years I have

By |February 24, 2016|

Keep Volume Down!

Keep the Volume Down Typically, this is a rant to my son as he hammers away on his drum kit. But it is a sentiment echoed throughout the US oil industry to global producers who have so far at least,

By |February 29, 2016|

Oscars, Environment, and Oil

Oil Prices Rise Yes, today’s blog has it all: Oscars, Oil Prices, and environmental news. As the red carpet is put away for another year, the tinsel town must be quite pleased that it managed to navigate through the racial

By |February 29, 2016|

Warren Vies To End Gridlock

CA Grid Change Coming? Warren Buffett is a shrewd investor unafraid to tackle some of the largest corporations to improve stakeholder value. Still, one of his latest drives has the potential to help millions of energy consumers too. To understand

By |February 29, 2016|

Sustainable Ice

Sustainable Ice The rapid warming of the Arctic is raising questions about whether it has sustainable ice deposits. Rapid melting is causing concern to environmental scientists who believe the Arctic will experience its first ice-free summer as early as the

By |March 1, 2016|

Oil Storage Fills

Oil Storage Fills Globally More than twice the usual number of oil tankers languish off the coast of Europe’s largest oil terminal in Rotterdam, as the port struggles to unload into bloated oil storage facilities. It is reported that twice

By |March 2, 2016|

LNG Exports

LNG Exports – Massive Increase Planned What has US Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG Exports), and London have in common? Ninety years ago today, the first successful radio-telephone conversations took place between New York and London thanks to the American

By |March 7, 2016|

Low Natural Gas Prices

Low Natural Gas Prices In recent days, I have commented on the fluctuating price of oil and some of the drivers behind the changes in global supply and demand. The low natural gas prices enjoyed by the US are primarily due to

By |March 8, 2016|

Oil Falls From Three Month High

Oil Falls Impact Rig Count As some us awake bleary-eyed with an hour less sleep after the spring forward clock change, we find the markets have not been sleeping at all as oil falls. Oil has fallen from a three

By |March 14, 2016|

Is Solar being Frozen Out?

Solar Generation Creating Revenue Gap There are two basic groups of energy, renewable energy (biomass, geothermal, solar generation, water, and wind power) and nonrenewable (fossil fuels coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear). Three-quarters of the world’s energy is generated by burning fossil

By |March 18, 2016|

India Invest in Russian Oil

Russian Oil Gets Indian Investment The Russian oil economy, like most oil-rich nations, has been taking a beating lately, as the world’s oversupply of oil drove prices to as low as $26 barrel. The Russian government relies on about half of

By |March 23, 2016|

Deja Vu?

Deja Vu? The automotive Deja Vu is DeLorean. It was this day 34 years ago that the DeLorean Motor Company went to the wall, leaving us thinking we were destined only to see these stainless steel cars in the movies

By |April 4, 2016|

Shorts on the Line!

Energy Shorts In the last seven weeks, those who have been watching the oil markets would notice a 50% increase in cost. With a global market in oversupply, and crude stocks fast approaching their highest ever levels, it is right to wonder what

By |April 6, 2016|

Oil Prices Impact Utility Cost

Crude oil has Increased 80% Since February! – So What Action Did You Take? Since crude oil prices collapsed in February 2016 to their lowest point in recent years, crude has been making a very steady recovery. This morning WTI was

By |May 18, 2016|

Can Energy Prices Predict A Recession?

Predicting Recessions There has been much speculation recently about a recession in 2016, so we take a look at what the drivers could be. Are there signals from energy price movements, and how might this impact you. It would appear

By |May 23, 2016|

Brexit Energy Metters

Brexit Energy Brexit energy matters greatly. It was fascinating to watch the drama unfold as they counted the UK votes. As reality dawned that there would be a British exit (Brexit) from the European Union, the real picture of leaving

By |June 23, 2016|

Utility Budget Season

tility Budget Season is Here! As 2016 marches on, companies are focusing on budgets for 2017 and indirect procurement professionals, the impact utilities will have on their business. Unlike most other indirect categories, energy is a commodity that changes in value

By |September 27, 2016|

Energy Price Risk

Energy Price Risk Buying Energy Conservatively? For over a decade, large energy consumers have been using price risk management processes to support energy sourcing decisions. Still, these methods, while touted as risk management, are only useful if energy markets just

By |October 6, 2016|

Vervantis Launches SME Business

SME energy procurement is launched. Vervantis Vice President Dan Moat, today announced the launch of a new service developed specifically for energy consumers in the

By |October 17, 2016|

SME Energy Price Comparison

SME Energy Price Comparison Service Launched Vervantis Inc. VP Dan Moat, today announced the launch of a new service developed specifically for energy consumers in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category. The SME price comparison service is available across

By |October 17, 2016|

NET2017 Conference San Diego

NET2017 – Where Cooperative Utilities & Energy Managers Meet The NET2017 Conference is Touchstone Energy’s signature business-to-business conference that brings together national, regional, and local energy managers with co-op key account and energy services professionals from around the country. With

By |January 27, 2017|

Touchstone Energy NET17

Touchstone Energy NET17 provided a fantastic week of co-operative networking with inspiring conference agenda and speakers. Well done to Touchstone Energy NET 17 for all their hard work in making it such a great success. Keynote speaker MIT Professor Don Sadoway

By |February 4, 2017|

Solar World

Solar World It’s a good question, why are we not in a solar world that is harnessing more of the suns energy, I mean enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands for an

By |April 1, 2017|

Oil Price Steadies Decline

Oil price steadies decline after tumbling to the lowest level since before OPEC reached an output-reduction deal as U.S. shale confounds the producer group’s attempts to prop up prices. Prices are approaching an 8 percent decline this week, bringing the

By |May 5, 2017|

A Fool and his Money

Managing Energy Price Risk A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted – The original proverb can be traced back to an English rhyme by Thomas Tusser in 1573. The actual version being: “A foole & his money, be soone at debate,

By |July 16, 2017|

Capturis CIC 2017

Capturis CIC 2017 Capturis is a leading utility bill management company with headquarters in Mandan, ND. They held their third annual Customer Information Conference (CIC), where channel partners and utility management professionals come together to share best practices and learn

By |September 1, 2017|

EEI in Washington DC

The EEI conference in Washington, D.C. provided the perfect setting for the latest National Key Accounts Workshop (NKAW), where commercial energy consumers and industry thought leaders gathered for another incredible energy and utility conference. Packed with information and educational workshops explicitly

By |November 3, 2017|

Commercial Energy Prices

Commercial Energy Prices – It’s time to stop the Creep! Commercial energy prices have been rising, with more snow on its way over the next few days. Several states continue to deal with “severe” winter weather and the impact on

By |January 23, 2018|

Vervantis Launch Global Solutions

Trademark energy advice becomes, well, trademarked. After launching Vervantis as a national energy solutions business at the beginning of 2016, the leadership was adamant that energy professionals should be able,

By |February 2, 2018|

What’s Driving Your CSR Strategy?

Climate or Cash? Sustainability Drivers -our planet doesn’t care which of these motivations drives your sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) strategy, only that it does. Businesses understand very well that being a sustainable business and having mechanisms in place to

By |April 9, 2018|

CDP Spring Workshop – San Francisco

CDP Spring Workshop last week was an incredible success. The CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Over the past 15 years, they have

By |April 18, 2018|

Energy Futures Wholesale Pricing

Energy Futures Pricing Launched. Vervantis secure cloud-based energy portal DataHub360™ is proving even more popular with energy procurement professionals now that it includes the latest wholesale market pricing for deregulated markets across the United States. Contracts for natural gas, electric

By |July 20, 2018|

Weathering the Storm

Existing users of the Vervantis energy, sustainability, and utility bill management software DataHub360™ already know the value of being connected. Still, the latest addition to the platform has gone down a storm. Organizations with multiple locations know how impactful weather

By |August 30, 2018|

EEI National Key Account Workshop – Fall 2018

EEI National Key Account Workshop was held in the wonderful surroundings of the JW Mariott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa in TX. The rain definitely did not stop play for energy consumers and vendors participating in this fall’s top

By |October 26, 2018|

CDP Fall Forum – 2018

The CDP Fall Forum was an excellent opportunity to join our sustainability software channel partners, who were sponsors of this year’s event at One World Trade Center in New York. This was an evening of networking and a “Highlights of the

By |November 14, 2018|

Utility Bill Administration

Utility Bill Administration is resource and time-intensive. Large and medium-sized companies with multiple accounts make changes to their real estate frequently which can be exacerbated when they make acquisitions requiring high volumes of utility accounts to be opened, closed, or

By |December 28, 2018|

Commercial Energy Experts

Light a Fire Under Your Energy Program Across the United States, there are literally thousands of energy advisors, brokers and consultants chasing commercial and industrial energy consumers for their business. The choice is abundant and with each having a compelling story to tell, it can

By |February 20, 2019|

CA Building Energy Benchmarking

California Building Energy Benchmarking Program CA Building Energy Benchmarking Program passed into law in October 2015 following the success of Assembly Bill 802 in California. The Building Energy Benchmarking Program is California’s new program requiring building owners to track and

By |March 1, 2019|

100% Solar

Vervantis continues to take steps to go green, with its electricity now coming from 100 percent solar generation. Utilizing the Arizona sun to power our operations and help up provide the top-notch service that has come to be expected from.

By |June 1, 2019|

Going Green – How to be a Sustainable Small Business.

Going Green is very often the headline associated with the world’s largest corporations, who recognize not only the environmental benefits of taking a more sustainable approach to business but also the commercial too. In the same way that households seek

By |July 16, 2019|


We all protect our personal information to prevent I.D. fraud, phishing scams, and cybercrime, but how well is your advisor protecting your companies utility data?

By |March 30, 2020|