Automated Invoice Collection

Reduce processing costs with automated invoice collection

The cost of missing invoices starts with late fees and quickly escalates to disconnections which seriously impact operations and reputational risk. Vervantis automated invoice collection solves the problem.

Reduce Processing Costs

Automated invoice collection solves one of the biggest frustrations for organizations – the process of receiving, validating and paying utility invoices.

Furthermore, utility consumption data required for sustainability reporting almost always creates a big challenge for organizations reporting into third-party mechanisms like CDP or DJSI.

Vervantis automated invoice collection service solves the problem. Invoices are received directly from utility companies and uploaded via an electronic data interchange (EDI) translation program. Missing invoices are always chased from the utility.

Invoices are scanned, keyed, and uploaded to the bill management system providing a digital record of the data for analysis along with the original bill in a pdf format.

We validate all invoices to improved data integrity. As invoices enter our system, they are rigorously checked, providing an in-depth analysis of cost and use by re-creating the invoice from first principles in a process that goes beyond simple A x B = C calculations.  Any invoices that fail the utility bill validation process are flagged immediately in an exception report.

A separate service is available to resolve exceptions and provide payment of invoices, which streamlines the process further and reduces the burden on accounts payable teams.

Access online reporting through a secure, encrypted web portal via the internet. Over 70 different report types are available with many customizable options to provide full insight and auditability of utility spends.

Most noteworthy is 100% of invoice data is digitized and available to support energy efficiency or sustainability programs.

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Reduce Processing Costs

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Vervantis partner with leading UBM service providers to manage utility billing data, exception resolutions, account open close administration and reporting.  Utility data streams can be automatically uploaded to DataHub360™, our secure cloud-based energy management portal to simplify reporting.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or automating utility invoice collection for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process and save you more – guaranteed!

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