Government Relations

Government Relations are essential as regulation and legislation don’t always align with your business objectives.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

Government relations are invaluable when commercial objectives don’t align with regulation and legislation. Our team of public affairs experts is on hand to communicate your goals with local, state and federal legislators. Relationships developed over many decades provide the key to discussion and potential amendments to both policy or regulation.

At Vervantis, our professional team of public relations specialists works closely with every state legislature focussing on a wealth of energy-related topics. Government relations, issue management, and general consulting services are provided to companies seeking legislative or regulatory relief, in single or multiple states, through lobbying, grassroots, and strategic communication.

We provide national coverage and work with clients to determine their public policy objectives and then develop strategies to accomplish those objectives in an efficient and ethical manner.

Clients utilize our government relations skills and support on a wide range of topics including legislation, tax incentives, policy, government liaison, project planning, and grant validations. With a passion for public policy, our principal mission is client success.

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The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t use. Vervantis engineers are ASHRAE, N.E.S.I and LEED certified and expert in uncovering behavioral and operational inefficiencies. Most level one and two audits uncover 10% in energy savings with half of these requiring no capital and the rest under 2-year payback with deeper audits uncovering in excess of 30% savings.

Often we have little control over when we use energy, so making it as cheap as possible when we do is the key driver for most supply chain professionals. Thanks to commercial scale battery storage, organizations can now store cheaper off-peak power for use during peak times, avoiding expensive network charges.

Energy procurement is much more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision. It takes a lot of research and, even more importantly, an understanding of the energy and utility landscape. For businesses, the way utilities are handled will inevitably influence how much money is spent and how much energy is saved — two things that can drastically change your fiscal outlook. To understand the best solution we carefully consider options from energy suppliers, regulated utilities and SourceRisk™, our noteworthy dynamic price risk management solution.

Sustainability reporting is streamlined with our agile and accredited financial-grade reporting software that underpins CSR programs (CDP, DJSI, GRI etc), and brings environmental strategies to life. Simplify management with supplier surveys, task assignment, automated follow-up and data collection. An independently verified process ensures data quality, and because we keep all emission factors up to date, you never have to worry about accuracy for audits.

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or needing support with public affairs or government relations for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process – guaranteed!

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