Company News

Company News

  • Nov 2018
  • Refreshing New Look

    Nov 27, 2018

    It has been almost three years since Vervantis was established, since that time, the company and the solutions offered have grown significantly.  "Providing organizations a better user experience was high on our list of priorities" explained Vice President Dan Moat. "Making the company and its products more accessible on the internet and easier to navigate was at the heart of the project. Energy professionals are incredibly busy, so we wanted to redesign the web architecture to save them time finding information on the solutions they need while providing a number of useful white papers and how to guides on the most common topics".  The redesign was managed by Redfern Consulting and Neil Rosekrans Web Design who co-ordinated seamlessly with the Vervantis marketing team on build and brand.


  • Feb 2018
  • Vervantis Launch Global Solutions

    Feb 02, 2018

    As utility markets across the world continue to evolve, the need for centralization has never been greater. After delivering energy and sustainability solutions across North America for several years, Vervantis is excited to announce it's expanded coverage to support energy consumers across the globe.

    Vice President Dan Moat said, "Vervantis has always been about choice. Giving clients access to our solutions across multiple geographies with the local language and market skills we are recognized for, was always in the plan. Expanding our reach became much easier with DatHub360™, our secure cloud-based information portal which centralizes energy, sustainability, and bill management data in one location, provides utility program managers everything they need in just a few clicks". Vervantis provides its services with experienced personnel with decades of experience in the regions they operate, making global energy management a much simpler task to control.

  • Jul 2017
  • DataHub360™ - Bringing Energy to Life

    Jul 14, 2017

    Commercial and industrial energy consumers have always needed access to energy data. Normally to check cost, consumption or invoice charges, however the responsibilities of the modern energy professional have made much deeper analysis essential. The Vervantis leadership has been delivering solutions into an evolving energy sector for over twenty years, so when it was time to develop their energy portal, they utilized decades of expertise and the latest modern technology to build it.

    Now, through elegant cloud based architecture, consumers can access with just a few clicks, all the energy metrics and analysis they need in an instant.  Cost, consumption, site analytics, bill payment, invoices, budgets, supply contracts, sustainability reporting, position analysis, market reports and more – is all at their fingertips. VP of Operations John Warrick who led the development said, “Ever since I started working in energy, I became frustrated at the limitations of adviser information systems. Rather than keep up with the times, they were built on legacy platforms which were painfully slow and required expensive manual intervention for the simplest of reports. The leadership at Vervantis gave me a free reign to develop a platform that met my exacting requirements for function, performance and speed.  The result is DataHub360™, a platform which provides a holistic view of a company’s energy and sustainability data, a tool that is both simple to use yet powerful enough to deliver everything needed by today’s and tomorrow’s energy professional”.

    Data Hub 360™ is available to clients taking any of the Vervantis range of energy and sustainability solutions.

  • Jan 2017
  • New Members Join the Team

    Jan 27, 2017

    January saw not only the arrival of a new year, but also some new members to our team.  Mark Bordas joins us to support our client development team based in Austin, TX.  Mark has a long history in energy within the brewing sector and has been a lobbyist for large energy consumers for a great many years.  Chris Albrecht joins us to support our operations team with national energy projects from his base in St Louis, MO.  Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and over 35 years of energy experience ensuring our clients have the very best expertise on their side.  Finally, David Borgaro joins us in Phoenix, Arizona to head up our energy efficiency team.  Dave supports our clients in their pursuit of energy savings and sustainability goals using the latest in monitoring and efficiency technology.  Welcome all to Vervantis!

  • Dec 2016
  • Vervantis® The Official Name in Energy Management

    Dec 16, 2016

    After launching Vervantis as a national energy solutions business at the beginning of 2016, the leadership was adamant that energy professionals should be able, with absolute confidence, to know that when they are communicating with Vervantis, it really is us!  It quickly became evident that one of the best ways to help protect our customers, our name and the quality of our brand, would be to obtain a registered trademark, which is not a quick process.  After several months, we were delighted this month to received official confirmation that our name is indeed now a registered trademark in the field of energy management. A huge re-assurance to our prospects, customers and partners that Vervantis® is a name to be trusted, wherever you are.

  • Oct 2016
  • Vervantis Launches SME Business

    Oct 17, 2016

    Vice President Dan Moat, today announced the launch of Vervantis’ new advisory service developed specifically for energy consumers in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category.   The new service, available across all de-regulated regions in the United States, helps smaller users of electricity or natural gas get access to the most competitive energy rates available. Vervantis access a pool of over sixty top energy suppliers through an on-line bidding system.  Speaking about the launch, Dan said, “This new service is aimed directly at the smaller business owner to help them become more competitive and ensure they don’t leave any money on the table. It now means that Mom and Pop businesses in retail, restaurant, health care and manufacturing will be able to competitively shop for their energy and find a new supplier in literally minutes”.  Vervantis VP Operations John Warrick confirmed that from contact to contract could be achieved by his team in the time it takes to make a coffee.  With savings for some consumers running into thousands of dollars, it makes sense to check your rates, and one free call is all it takes to find out: +1 888-988-5474

  • Jul 2016
  • VP Operations Appointed

    Jul 18, 2016

    Vervantis Inc. is delighted to announce the appointment of John Warrick as VP Operations.  John has been actively involved in the North American energy markets for almost a decade and brings a wealth of market and systems experience to the team.  Speaking of his appointment, John said, "I had heard a lot about Vervantis and the innovation they were bringing to the adviser space. The founders are extremely well respected in the industry, and after looking at what they are offering their clients, knew instantly this was the right move". John will be based in Phoenix, where he will have responsibility for Procurement, Risk Management, UBM and Sustainability Solutions for clients across North America in all licensed markets.

  • Apr 2016
  • Vervantis Completes Program to Provide Energy Solutions Nationwide.

    Apr 06, 2016

    North American corporations with locations across several States, now have another option when looking for energy and sustainability solutions.  Vervantis Inc. has completed its program to establish itself across America, and now has entities and licenses for State's with a competitive energy market. "Establishing ourselves across the US was imperative to be able to service our clients effectively, and I am delighted we have completed this important stage of our expansion so quickly.  It was our number one priority to be able to offer our solutions to enterprises with multiple locations straight away so they had a fresh choice for independent energy advice, wherever they are located" exclaimed VP of Business Development - Dan Moat.  Vervantis now offers solutions nationally for Energy Procurement, Sustainability, Clean Tech, Utility Bill Management, Data Management and Regulated Services. 

  • Feb 2016
  • Vervantis Launch Event, Phoenix, AZ, Mark Dickinson, Chairman

    Feb 04, 2016

    “It has been an interesting few years since I sold Encore International Ltd, the leader in energy price risk management solutions for business, to M&C Energy Group, who in turn were acquired by Schneider Electric. It is hugely important to me that the end user has solutions available to take their businesses forward. Sadly, very little has happened in this regard over the last few years. Large corporates focus on consolidation of their own businesses rather than innovation to benefit their customers. We see a huge gap in the market between these behemoths of the advisory space and the needs of the end user. Vervantis bridges that gap by using a deep understanding of both energy markets and technology to put the client‘s needs first again. Service is at the heart of everything we do, with some pretty innovative solutions to drive supply chain value’.

  • Vervantis Launch Event, Phoenix, AZ, Dan Moat, VP Business Development

    Feb 04, 2016

    “I am delighted to be announcing our launch. Ever since I started in the industry, I have had a real passion for energy and the companies that consume it. For over 20 years, I have worked for energy suppliers, traders and advisors gaining a deep understanding of where cost is applied to the raw energy commodity. It has been frustrating of late, to see so many energy advisors and brokers delivering inadequate, un-competitively priced solutions to enterprises who are the life blood of our economy. It is the goal of Vervantis to help businesses of all sizes, dramatically improve their energy management processes. Our technology and knowhow will help them increase their profitability through creative, innovative solutions backed with great customer service”.

  • Jan 2016
  • Vervantis Launches!

    Jan 05, 2016

    It is almost six years ago that the leadership of Vervantis, who founded a leading energy price risk management services business, sold to a global corporation. After several years of acquisitions and consolidations in the energy advisor space, several things changed in the opinion of the Vervantis leadership. Thought leadership, innovation and a passion for service were replace with complacency, inflexible and modular solutions at high prices. It seemed the heart of service delivery had vanished. Vervantis Inc. are an independent, privately owned energy advisor specializing in energy and sustainability solutions to business energy users. Founded in 2016 by energy professionals with over 50 years experience, Vervantis aims to simplify and modernize energy management for enterprise.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or managing energy for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process and save you more – guaranteed!

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