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Utility budgets are typically more complex than other areas in an organization’s budget. As an essential component of doing business, energy usage will vary with changes in your activities and the weather. Because energy is a commodity, prices can fluctuate dramatically from one month to the next.

Vervantis carefully plan utility budgets, using multilayered modeling and analysis. This analysis, combined with our utility data cleansing methodologies, ensures financial-grade certainty down to the account level.

Our specialists normalize utility usage and apply weather data so we can better match billing cycles to the fiscal calendar. We incorporate regional market intelligence and regular organizational baseline reviews to more accurately predict future spending. As time progresses, we update utility budgets so organizations can anticipate the impact of any change in business practice, weather, utility costs, and price reviews.

Using proprietary solution BudgetMaster™, we can update account level utility budgeting expenditure for even the most extensive portfolios in a matter of hours to a level of accuracy that can be trusted and defended.

Specialists in utility budgets go beyond the industry norm to make sure cost and use assumptions remain consistent and that expenses hit your general ledger in the same format. Accruals form part of our calculations resulting in a process that minimizes surprises and keeps disruption to a minimum.

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