Capturis is a leading utility bill management company with headquarters in Mandan, ND. They held their third annual Customer Information Conference (CIC), where channel partners and utility management professionals come together to share best practices and learn about the latest innovations in invoice management.  Using proprietary bill management software, Capturis evolved from utility billing service within parent company NISC, to a division in its own right. Employing over 200 people, Capturis manages the collection, processing, and payment of billions of dollars of utility spend and millions of invoices every year.

Capturis have developed an incredible culture, that runs through the whole organization, one of the standout elements of working with Capturis is service. Every member of the team you meet, from the shop floor to the top floor, is helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable – its no wonder they are attracting so many new clients.  It’s worth pointing out that while the numbers of invoices they process are mind-boggling, the individual attention every account receives will make you think you’re the only client.  Robots and AI improve the speed and accuracy of data capture with 100% of invoice data digitized as standard, something essential to utility management professionals.   Capturis also boasts some of the highest percentages of ACH payments in the industry, which translates into some of the lowest numbers of late fees and disconnect notices, so infinitesimally small as to warrant a mention barely.

Vervantis are channel partners of Capturis, but agnostic on UBM providers. Our software brings the latest utility bill data into DataHub360™, our proprietary energy management platform where we streamline analysis and reporting, and additional services like account open close and exception resolutions are managed and reported. Capturis CIC is a great platform that unites customers with processes. If you haven’t yet had a chance to attend, contact us for an exclusive invitation.

If you have yet to experience the difference Capturis can make to your business, we highly recommend having a discussion.  As channel partners, we can guide you through their system and manage all the administration needed to keep your utility program free of exceptions, including open/close admin and report creation.  If you couldn’t make it in 2017, here is a short video to show you what you missed, and we hope to see you in 2018.

Want to see what a CIC is like? Watch the Capturis CIC Video.