NET ZERO Emissions

The Pathway to Achieving Corporate Targets

For many companies achieving NET ZERO means spending large amounts of money, however, we know that with early assistance, NET ZERO can be a self-funded journey.


NET ZERO emissions are achieved when the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a country or a business equal the amount of emissions they remove. Emissions are produced from our everyday activities, such as the fumes from the fuel we use in vehicles and the heat and waste products they produce, as well as the services we sell or products that we make. All of these contribute to damaging our climate and environment.

Obviously, the best way to get to NET ZERO is not to produce any greenhouse gas emissions in the first place, however, that is simply not possible as no business or country can cut out all emissions. So offsetting is used to balance out the impact, that’s things like planting trees to absorb gases like carbon dioxide. NET ZERO is achieved when we cut back and offset sufficiently to cancel out the emissions we produce.

Achieving NET ZERO

NET ZERO emissions will require a commitment to achieve and there is no one size fits all route to carbon neutrality. Your organization must decide on the path it wants to take, from setting sustainability goals that are ambitious yet achievable, to understanding which measures are feasible to implement today and which should be considered in the longer term.

The chart illustrates four different routes to achieving a NET ZERO target by 2030. The pathway to corporate targets can have multiple steps, and while some organizations feel it necessary to invest heavily now, Vervantis know that with early assistance, NET ZERO can be a self-funded journey that doesn’t saddle companies with large costs or the risk of stranded assets and outdated technologies.

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Related Terms

There are many terms that surround emissions reduction related to NET ZERO, which can be confusing. Here we explain a few of these to help in your understanding.

Your net contribution to global CO2 emissions is zero. Any CO2 emissions attributable to your activities are fully compensated by CO2 reductions or removals exclusively claimed by you — irrespective of the time period or the relative magnitude of emissions and removals involved.

Not a valid end-state target, as it only refers to carbon, but a possible intermediate step.

Your target is aligned to what the latest climate science deems necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, which is limiting global warming to well below 2°C (35.6°F) above preindustrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C, with no or low overshoot.
Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (including through avoided emissions), or increasing GHG removals through external activities, in order to compensate for GHG emissions, such that your net contribution to global emissions is reduced. Offsetting is typically arranged through a marketplace for carbon credits or another exchange mechanism.

Offsetting claims are only valid under a rigorous set of conditions, including that the reductions/removals involved are additional, not over-estimated, and exclusively claimed. Further, offsetting can only be used to claim NET ZERO status to the extent it is “like for like” with any residual emissions.

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