Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Vervantis specialize in outsourced, on-demand energy and sustainability solutions. Our experts tailor solutions to meet your requirements and budget precisely, no matter how big or small your need.
Yes. Vervantis models regulated electricity site usage and demand against every rate and tariff available from more than 3,500 utility companies to ensure the best rates are applied. Our efficiency engineers are able to look for energy-saving opportunities and match them to available incentives, shortening any return on investment considerably.
Yes.  In 2001 the Vervantis leadership pioneered the use of risk management using Value at Risk measurement combined with dynamic energy supply agreements that manage energy price risk more effectively. The solution allows for the fixing (when markets rise) and un-fixing (when markets fall) of energy volumes in a controlled environment. Transactions are made directly with suppliers through physical supply agreements, similar to the ones you already have, but underpinned by a process which is fully compliant with all the accounting regulations like Dodd-Frank, SOX, FAS133 and IAS39.
Yes.  Vervantis provides leading sustainability software which automates the collection and validation of all CSR metrics. Emission factors are automatically updated at no additional cost in a process which provides financial grade reporting on GHG and over 2,500 business related metrics. Accredited by CDP and verified by SGS, the software provides a fully auditable, single solution to CSR reporting (GRI, CDP, DJSI, NFRD) with built-in supplier and employee surveys that are proven to increase engagement.
Yes.  Vervantis is a utility bill management specialist who can automate the collection, validation, and payment of invoices. Our utility specialists manage every part of the process from opening and closing accounts, fatal exception resolutions and detailed reporting.  Organizations can utilize our bill pay solution and energy management platform DataHub360™ or we can provide administrative support for your own platform.
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