Frequently Asked Questions

Vervantis is an independent US corporation headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. We provide specialist services for large and medium sized companies across the globe.

Yes. Vervantis are a licensed advisor in every deregulated electricity and natural gas market in North America providing extensive coverage across global markets in local language.

Yes.  In 2001 the Vervantis leadership pioneered the use of Value at Risk measurement with flexible energy supply agreements to help energy consumers manage their contract price risk more effectively. The solution allows for the fixing (when markets rise) and un-fixing (when market fall) of energy volumes in a controlled environment. Transactions are made directly with suppliers through physical supply agreements, similar to the ones you already have, but underpinned by a process which is fully compliant with all the accounting regulations like Dodd-Frank, SOX, FAS133 and IAS39.

Yes. Vervantis models regulated electricity site usage and demand against every rate and tariff available to ensure the best rates are applied. Our efficiency engineers are able to look for energy-saving opportunities and match them to available incentives, shortening any return on investment considerably.

Yes.  Vervantis specialize in outsourced, on-demand energy and sustainability solutions. Our experts tailor solutions to meet your requirements and budget precisely, no matter how big or small your need.

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