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Energy sourcing and procurement that gets you closer to the wholesale price

Buying energy can be complicated. Our energy sourcing specialists bring independent advice, intelligent strategies, and wholesale price transparency. Market timing is critical, so we create supply contract structures that allow companies to transact quickly.

Energy Sourcing in Deregulated Markets

Vervantis are experts in purchasing energy. We provide supply chain professionals with the tools, strategies, and advice needed to succeed in every competitive market, ensuring organizations can take advantage of centralized sourcing strategies.

As consultants, we go much deeper than brokers to uncover savings. We are comparing direct access markets to the local utility rates and continuously monitoring the markets for buying opportunities into the future.

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Multi-Point Energy Procurement

Using a multi-layered approach to energy procurement, Vervantis increase competition and reduce supplier margins using a proprietary process of intelligent segmentation. This unique methodology engages energy vendors on multiple levels, attracting more bids from more suppliers. Our specialists analyze each response quantitatively and qualitatively, which aids commercial negotiation and improves decision making.

While competitive vendor analysis and RFP processes can be useful in driving down supplier margins, in isolation, these only represent one or two percent of the spend, which is small in comparison to the timing of purchases. Using a broad range of market fundamentals and risk factors, our team can guide the optimum buying opportunity in each market.

At Vervantis, we believe transparency is essential for our clients throughout the procurement process. Using our proprietary energy management portal DataHub360™, organizations can view and track their master agreements, supplier contracts, site pricing, and live wholesale energy prices.

More sophisticated energy buyers have the option of using SourceRisk ™, a proprietary energy price risk management sourcing solution that takes the guesswork out of the art energy procurement. Click the price risk management tab below for more information.

Want More Information?

No problem. There is more information below, and we have written a guide to energy procurement that explains some of the considerations in managing an energy RFP yourself or if using a third-party, guidance on the different types of support. You can read it here.

Fixed price supply agreements can bring as much risk as indexed based contract structures. Finding the right balance of risk is essential to control exposure to both price and the competition. SourceRisk™ is a proprietary risk management solution that accurately measures the risk you take and maintains the range you allow. Using dynamic supply agreements, organizations avoid volatility by fixing prices if markets rise and unfixing if they fall.

For many energy consumers, being located in a region which has limited competitive sourcing opportunities can seem frustrating, but all is not lost. Vervantis has specialists who analyze your facility’s load profile in detail, comparing this to all the available rates and tariffs, creating a recommendation based on the opportunity for savings.

Energy and emissions intensity data figures are increasingly being used by investors as a non-fiscal measure of operational efficiency. DataHub360™ – a proprietary cloud-based energy platform, provides visibility to sustainability, energy, and utility bill management programs.

The speed and accuracy required for timely bill payment, exception resolution, and open close management can be challenging.  A utility bill management program can automate the collection, payment, and validation of utility invoices making late payment fees and disconnections a thing of the past. A financial-grade dataset is created to support finance and accounts payable teams in a process that lowers administration cost by up to 75%.

“Vervantis manage our energy purchasing, billing, account administration, sustainability reporting and everything in-between. The service is incredible and they always go above and beyond our agreement to help.”

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