Vervantis are channel partners and resellers of Accuvio sustainability software. We integrate solutions for utilities, CSR and ES&G.

CSR Software Making it Easy

At Vervantis we don’t believe high-quality staff should be dragged into low-value work, so we have integrated Accuvio’ leading Sustainability, CSR and ES&G software into our suite of energy solutions. The integration allows for a seamless transfer of data from energy and utility programs which compliment CSR and ES&G metrics collected directly using nine different data entry methods.

The software is CDP accredited and verified by SGS, delivering a level of data validation, control and auditability that is second to none. Processing in real-time through an innovative set of algorithms and powerful data infrastructure, this cloud-based,  global solution captures utilities and over two thousand business metrics and emissions data.

Improving engagement and simplicity of use are core to the software. The built-in employee and supplier survey modules take moments to configure and are specifically designed to track, analyze and compare results in a leaderboard of excellence.  Delivered as an off the shelf, comprehensive solution, it produces financial grade reports, customizable for corporate reporting, yet offering a host of out of the box reporting formats for CDP, DJSI, GRI etc.

In contrast to many of the traditional platforms, the software includes all the emissions factors at no extra cost, increasing accuracy without it costing the earth.

What We Do For Sustainability

Site Waste Management

Provide your Waste partners with an easy to use web portal to upload and input all of the required data on a regular basis with no need for training or complex manuals.


Emissions Factors

With over 62,000 emissions factors in the continually expanding Accuvio global database, we have all the emissions factors you will ever need, including the new 2018 IEA emissions factors licensed for all our users. We look after the emissions factor updating regularly so you don’t have to.

Collect Once, Re-Use Many Times

The powerful data reporting suite allows you to re-use data already collected for a completely different purpose. Let the Accuvio system do all the hard work re-organising your data and changing specific emissions factors, calculation methodologies, formatting and conversions. One dataset, multiple reports!

9 Data Acquisition Options!

With so many different types of data living in so many different departments, countries, systems, and suppliers, its impossible to have a one size fits all approach. That’s why Accuvio has 5 options to collect each data type; Manual Data Entry Forms, Integrated Email Surveys, Bulk Excel Upload, & 4 Automated feed options.

Utility Rates Analyzed

Competetive & Regulated Markets

States (USA & Can) & EMEA

All Geographies Covered

Years of Experience

We know what we're doing.

No one treated the same

You'll never be a number!

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