Regulated Market Sourcing

Regulated Market Sourcing

If you have sites in regulated utility areas, finding savings on rates and tariffs can be tough. Vervantis simplify and speed up the process of checking every available saving opportunity bringing results in days for even the largest portfolios. See how…

Regulated Energy Sourcing

North America has over 3,500 utility companies providing customers with a choice of over 11,000 different rate structures.  The rates that utility companies apply to your sites, might not be the most economical for your use.

As organizations continue to explore areas for utility cost savings, few have a way of driving value from sites in regulated energy markets. Vervantis regulated markets team have developed models to accurately determine the most preferential rate and tariff structures for sites to transfer to.

This approach is so advanced, organizations with even the largest number of accounts will be able to see the value hidden in their regulated sites in just a few days. Vervantis create a concise saving estimate and recommendation for approval for every account.

The entire process is managed by our regulated markets team who communicate directly with utilities to apply new rates which take effect typically within one billing cycle.

regulated utility rate and tariff sourcing

Fixed price supply agreements can bring as much risk as indexed based contract structures. Finding the right balance of risk is important to control exposure to both price and the competition. SourceRisk™ is a proprietary risk management solution that accurately measures the risk you take and keeps it in the range you allow. Using dynamic supply agreements, we enable organizations to avoid volatility by fixing volume if markets rise and unfixing if they fall.

Vervantis create a strategic environment with supply contract structures to centralize decision making ensuring organizations can act on advice and intelligence quickly across all territories. Our specialists follow a proven process using intelligent segmentation and utility rate analysis to increase competition and savings.

The need for organizations to access and evaluate energy data on demand has never been greater, especially while sourcing.  Vervantis enables this using its secure cloud-based platform DataHub360™ which allows organizations to view and report on their energy, utility, sustainability, and bill management programs instantly.

Our utility bill management program automates the collection, payment, and validation of invoices.  The speed and accuracy of payments, exception resolution and open close management from our team of billing experts make late payment fees and disconnections a thing of the past.  A financial-grade utility dataset supports utility management programs and helps accounts payable teams lower administration cost by up to 75%.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or sourcing energy for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process and save you more – guaranteed!

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