Energy Data Analysis

Energy Data Analysis


A secure cloud-based portal providing instant access to all utility and sustainability program data

Energy data analysis and business analytics provide the key to operational efficiency. DataHub360™ makes it easy for organizations to view and report on utilities, sustainability, and bill management programs instantly.

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Instantly & Securely Access Utility Data

The importance for organizations to have financial grade controls around utility data, which is auditable, centralized and secure, cannot be understated. For that reason, Vervantis developed DataHub360™, a secure cloud-based portal providing instant access to all utility and sustainability program data.

DataHub360™ allows site level detail in just a few clicks, right down to copy invoices.  Compare cost, use and account level budget variance, above all, through our analytics tool, data can be analyzed against any business metric to identify outliers needing urgent attention.

Organizations can view, review and access key metrics, documents and information instantly. Program managers can assign user-defined permissions to team members who can create customizable dashboards to help them visualize goals or targets.

Utility bill pay programs, supply chain activities, and sustainability reporting are brought together into a single elegant solution. Most importantly, interval data available from utilities or data initiatives can also be captured. In fact, DataHub360™ quickly becomes the go-to tool for accounts payable, purchasing and teams managing corporate social responsibility.

Energy procurement is much more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision. It takes a lot of research and, even more importantly, an understanding of the energy and utility landscape. For businesses, the way utilities are handled will inevitably influence how much money is spent and how much energy is saved — two things that can drastically change your fiscal outlook. To understand the best solution we carefully consider options from energy suppliers, regulated utilities and SourceRisk™, our noteworthy dynamic price risk management solution.

Fixed price supply agreements can bring as much risk as indexed based contract structures. Finding the right balance of risk is important to control exposure to both price and the competition. SourceRisk™ is a proprietary risk management solution that accurately measures the risk you take and keeps it in the range you allow. Using dynamic supply agreements, we enable organizations to avoid volatility by fixing volume if markets rise and unfixing if they fall.

Energy consumers with sites in markets or regions with no competitive sourcing can still get cheaper rates. Vervantis has proprietary models which accurately analyze and compare thousands of regulated utility rates against your facilities load profiles, creating savings recommendations in hours.

Our utility bill management program automates the collection, payment, and validation of invoices.  The speed and accuracy of payments, exception resolution and open close management from our team of billing experts make late payment fees and disconnections a thing of the past.  A financial-grade utility dataset supports utility management programs and helps accounts payable teams lower administration cost by up to 75%.

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