Commercial Energy Consumers

Vervantis is the trusted partner for complete utility solutions.

Our Customers are high-spend commercial and industrial enterprises. We work with retailers, restaurants, health care providers, and industrial manufacturers. However, what we do is not industry-specific, as no matter what your business, the utility challenges are the same.

Our Customers are High-Spend Commercial and Industrial Energy Consumers

Our Customers are companies demanding the best utility advice whose utilities budgets start at $1 million and go up.

One determining criterion is the sheer scale of administrative tasks and the complexity of operations. Commonly, our client companies have multiple national or international locations. We work with retailers, restaurants, commercial real estate companies, health care companies, financial organizations, and manufacturers. However, what we do is not industry-specific, as no matter what your business, the utility challenges are the same.

You Need to Solve Utility-Related Issues that Affect Your Company’s Performance

You have a complicated job managing utilities. It’s not for the faint of heart as these are the kinds of problems you need to solve.

Your primary problem is to manage the costs of utilities corporation-wide or region-wide

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You deal with energy procurement and manage those decision risks. It can be a real roller coaster

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You handle masses of utility bills for processing and payment. Dealing with hundreds of

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You are looking for operational efficiency and better use of resources. With so many sites and

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You walk a fine line between corporate social responsibility and investor scrutiny

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Certain Types of Client Get The Best Results Working With Us

We’ve found over the years that specific client attributes deliver the most significant results. It’s a matter of readiness, willingness, and leadership capacity. These are the kinds of clients who tend to get the highest ROI from working with us.

Your organization is open to change—indeed, looking for proactive improvements.

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Your project has a sufficient scale where the numbers work to increase your ROI

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Leadership is willing to commit to creating buy-in all down the line.

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You’re looking for a synergistic advisory engagement with exponential results.

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Your company demands the best utility advice and places a high value on trusted partner relationships.

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Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of companies we work with and the kinds of utility problems they face. Learn the details of how we work, our values and the kinds of results you could get.

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Energy consultancy and utility procurement is much more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision.

The speed and accuracy required for timely bill payment, exception resolution, and open close management.

Energy & Sustainability is streamlined with our agile and accredited financial-grade reporting software that underpins CSR programs.

Our distributed generation and energy storage specialists provide independent financial-grade analysis, project management.

Serving Commercial and Industrial Energy Consumers Across the Globe

Vervantis commercial energy consultants serve multiple countries and geographies providing a single solution for outsourced energy & sustainability expertise for businesses. We manage and centralize utility, CSR and ES&G programs, providing regional support to deliver local language expertise across established and emerging markets.

“Vervantis manages our energy purchasing, billing, account administration, sustainability and everything in-between. The service is incredible, they’re always going beyond our agreement to help”

Winnie Buchanan

Director Facilities – Aaron’s Inc.

“The team at Vervantis got to know our business and found a renewable energy solution that not only met our environmental goals but saved us money and provided covered parking too”

Brian Wedgeworth

Facilities Director –
Mountain Park Health Centers

“We used Vervantis engineers for ASHRAE energy audits of our town buildings. The operational and behavioral inefficiencies identified saved us almost 10% without spending a cent on equipment”

JoAnn Cathcart

Town N. Attleborough

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