Author - Dan Moat


CA Building Energy Benchmarking

California Building Energy Benchmarking Program CA Building Energy Benchmarking Program passed into law in October 2015 following the success of Assembly Bill 802 in California. The Building Energy Benchmarking Program is California’s new program requiring building owners to track and report their energy usage with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mandatory reporting began in 2018 for buildings with no residential utility accounts and more than 50,000 square feet of gross floor area. For buildings with 17 or more residential utility [...]


Commercial Energy Experts

Light a Fire Under Your Energy Program Across the United States, there are literally thousands of energy advisors, brokers and consultants chasing commercial and industrial energy consumers for their business. The choice is abundant and with each having a compelling story to tell, it can be hard to identify true commercial energy experts.  In the spirit of openness, yes, I want to work with you too, but regardless of who you decide to work with, there are a few things that energy professionals should check that [...]


DataHub360™ Energy Portal Updates Wow Users!

DataHub360™ – Latest Release Announced Vervantis latest software release of cloud-based energy portal, DataHub360™ takes the simplification and streamlining of energy data and utility management to a new level. Over recent decades organizations have been outsourcing various areas of utility management from procurement to bill payment. The downsizing of internal facilities and energy management teams puts a greater emphasis on the tools needed to track, report and manage activities. The problem for many organizations is that most energy advisers have failed [...]


Refreshing New Look

Refreshing the brand and generating a new look was essential as the business transitioned out of its solution development phase. It has been almost three years since Vervantis was established, since that time, the company and the solutions offered have grown significantly. “Providing organizations a better user experience was high on our list of priorities” explained Vice President Dan Moat. “Making the company and its products more accessible on the internet and easier to navigate was at the heart of [...]

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