The rapid warming of the Arctic is raising questions about whether it has sustainable ice deposits. Rapid melting is causing concern to environmental scientists who believe the Arctic will experience its first ice-free summer as early as the year 2040!

Sustainability is already high on the agenda of many organizations and likely to become an even hotter topic as time passes, but not because of anything to do with how sustainable ice is in the Arctic. The motivations are much more straightforward when it comes to business.

Organizations recognized as sustainable champions will clearly gain brand and reputational advantages, but behind those glossy marketing wins sits a much simpler driver – MONEY!  Owners and investors understand that by gathering good quality data on their entire business will expose operational inefficiencies that they can benchmark against similar business through mechanisms like the CDP, to make sure they keep on top of them.

So here is the challenge. A large company trying to collate masses of data from multiple departments, often globally spread is a logistical nightmare. Add to that the lack of checks and safeguards of data entry, multiple spreadsheets and a widening list of metrics to gather, and it quickly unravels.

This is why the sustainability software provided by Vervantis was created. A secure cloud-based platform which co-ordinates data requests and validates entry, it takes automated feeds from the corporate expense and travel systems and sends surveys to employees and suppliers that enter responses directly into the platform.

Employee trends and activity can be quickly assessed, suppliers can be tracked, benchmarked and ranked to ensure they are aligned with the company objectives. Reports are easily customized to corporate requirements and every standard mechanism (CDP, DJSI, SASB etc) has templates ready that populate in seconds with a click.

Most importantly, owners and investors have access to financial-grade metrics 24/7 to measure non-fiscal operational performance.

If you want to improve sustainable performance and avoid an icy stare from investors while turning your competitor’s eyes green with envy, connect with us here for a chat or software demonstration or call one of our sustainability experts now on: 1-888-988-5474