Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduce the complexity of enterprise CSR reporting

Most organizations are at different stages of their Corporate Social Responsibility reporting growth journey. Some report only a few key metrics, and others have a more mature reporting structure. Either way, our software is designed to grow as your needs do.

Sustainability reporting has never been easier

GHG, Carbon, Energy, CSR on a Single Platform

Instantly generate elegant Sustainability and Carbon Reports with incredible granularity and flexibility. Our software has 2000+ types of emissions sources (including, Waste, Water, Transport, Business Travel, Commuting, Supply Chain etc.) ready to go with no configuration or setup. Available in national or international mode, the software automatically keeps its 62,000 emissions factors up to date so you don’t have to.

The solution boasts a tailored package of features, dashboards and reports, enabling easy data collection, cleansing, analysis and reporting for all voluntary and mandatory Carbon and Sustainability reporting schemes around the world on one system.

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Reduce the Time Consuming ComplexityRepetition of Enterprise CSR Reporting

Corporate social responsibility or environmental social governance (ESG) reporting provides the non-fiscal measure of corporate performance investors look for.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting, or sometimes referred to in the investment community, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), is about measuring organizational performance using non-financial data and metrics to convey ethical, behavioral, and motivational drivers. Coordinating dozens of stakeholders’ information on emails and spreadsheets is a risky strategy. With tight deadlines and increased demand, last-minute data changes can have a material impact, triggering another round of reviews and a CSR manager’s worst nightmare.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report Compiler Module Has 3 Key Steps

The Accuvio CSR Report compiler, used to manage and coordinate multiple stakeholders’ inputs into the Annual Report, does so in an auditable, traceable way. It provides a ready-made set of GRI metrics that are common across most organizations but allows for the creation of indicators to reflect each organization’s sector-specific reporting requirements accurately.

The Corporate Reporting solution, built on the Sustainability Platform, enjoys all of the robust automated data acquisition and data cleansing capabilities, as well as commercial-grade audit controls.

Most organizations are at different stages of their Corporate Responsibility Reporting growth journey. Some report only a few key metrics, and others have a more mature reporting structure. Either way, our Software is designed to grow as your needs do.

Our Features

Instant Reporting

Report aggregated results, or individual sites or assets instantly

100% Auditable

100% transparency of all calculations, and change logs

GRI Specific Disclosures

Assign colleagues responsibility for completing GRI specific disclosures

Integrated Survey Questionnaires

For infrequent or peripheral information providers such as HR or executive management, the survey builder streamlines the process

Gather once, use many times

Re-use the GRI responses for other reporting initiatives such as DJSI and FTSE4Good etc to avoid data provider fatigue

Pre-populated Data Tables

Insert and re-use in your report compiler, pre-populated data tables as specified by the GRI standard
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