Existing users of the Vervantis energy, sustainability, and utility bill management software DataHub360™ already know the value of being connected. Still, the latest addition to the platform has gone down a storm.  Organizations with multiple locations know how impactful weather can be on facilities, utility consumption, and cost.  The development team at Vervantis knows that too, so with their strong focus on data and the value it brings, whether metrics are the latest stream to flow seamlessly into utility analysis and reporting.

Live streaming weather information keeps you updated. Wind and temperature changes with real-time modeling of the week ahead are available 24/7. Hurricanes are tracked with accurate modeling of velocity, speed, and direction to aid impact damage prevention and assessment. Data is also drawn from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NAOO) detailing heating degree day and cooling degree day metrics, imperative if part of commercial energy contracts.

Vervantis carries out a detailed analysis of the weather concerning energy budgets too. Using data collected from every US weather station, budgets can be adjusted to allow for weather-related variances in consumption or cost. As a data-driven company, Vervantis has a host of additional innovations planned for DataHub360™ that will continue to streamline and simplify the management and forecasting of utilities. If you want to learn more about connecting your energy programs with DataHub360™, reach out to us here.