Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement


Energy Procurement

Across direct access, deregulated energy markets, commercial energy suppliers offer a comprehensive range of electricity and natural gas procurement options compared to the local utility. Organizations can opt for fixed pricing, index pricing or dynamic risk management strategies. As a result, the optimum utility sourcing strategy will depend greatly on your business objectives and appetite for risk. Vervantis provides a full range of sourcing solutions to meet every requirement no matter what the size.

Transaction Timing

Timing and readiness to transact are important factors for markets open to competition. Buying energy when its cheap rather than contract expiration is important, but so is comparing competitive rates received from commercial suppliers against those offered by the local utility. This is almost always overlooked yet can deliver significant savings.

Managing Price Risk

SourceRisk™ is an innovative solution unique to Vervantis clients. This process offers companies a much more dynamic way to source energy and enables both the fixing and unfixing of energy prices. This facilitates better optimization and control of wholesale energy prices.  Value at Risk (VaR) calculations are used to ensure decisions are made within pre-approved guidelines, transacting using the same physical supplier agreements they are used to.

Regulated energy markets receive similar attention using XLR8™, a proprietary tool which accurately cleans your utility data and hunts for the best rate options of the 11,000+ available from utility companies.

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a map of the united states showing electricity and natural gas market hubs

Energy consumers with sites in markets or regions with no competitive sourcing can still get cheaper rates. Vervantis has proprietary models which accurately analyze and compare thousands of regulated utility rates against your facilities load profiles, creating savings recommendations in hours.

Vervantis create a strategic environment with supply contract structures to centralize decision making ensuring organizations act on advice and intelligence quickly across all territories. Our specialists follow a proven process using intelligent segmentation and utility rate analysis to increase competition and savings.

Fixed price supply agreements can bring as much risk as indexed based contract structures. Finding the right balance of risk is important to control exposure to both price and the competition. SourceRisk™ is a proprietary risk management solution that accurately measures the risk you take and keeps it in the range you allow. Using dynamic supply agreements, we enable organizations to avoid volatility by fixing volume if markets rise and unfixing if they fall.

The need for organizations to access and evaluate energy data on demand has never been greater, especially while sourcing.  Vervantis enables this using its secure cloud-based platform DataHub360™ which allows organizations to view and report on their energy, utility, sustainability, and bill management programs instantly.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or managing energy procurement for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process and save you more – guaranteed!

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