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Energy Procurement Services Proactive supply managment strategies

Commercial energy procurement experts providing fast, transparent sourcing that gets you closer to wholesale utility prices. Improve the quality and timing of decisions with exclusive supply agreements and custom software.

Balance Risk & Reward

Utility and energy procurement professionals recognize that when buying a commodity two things determine their success – the quality of their decisions and luck. In other words, the better the decision mechanism, the less luck you need for exceptional results. Therefore, Vervantis focus on both the structure of supply agreements and the wholesale pricing smarts you need to make buying decisions more effectively. By applying our knowledge, market analysis, proprietary software, and risk management tools, energy purchasing decisions become dynamic with predictable outcomes every time.

Our sourcing experts negotiate advanced tendering, pricing and contracting options with commercial energy suppliers. These unique supply agreements allow business energy procurement strategies to be precisely matched with the objectives and risk profile of your organization.

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Energy Procurement Services - Make Smarter Decisions

Energy procurement is more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision. It takes a lot of research and, even more importantly, an understanding of the energy and utility landscape.

For businesses, the way utilities are handled will inevitably influence how much money is spent and how much energy is saved — two things that can drastically change the fiscal outlook.

Therefore, to understand the best contracting options, our energy supply experts start with detailed energy data analysis through our energy management software DataHub360™. Once we know how and when you are using energy, we carefully consider your energy purchasing goals, energy suppliers, regulated utilities and wholesale energy prices.

How hard will your advisor look for the best price?

Commercial energy suppliers provide many different pricing options, but few energy procurement advisors have the tools or commodity smarts needed to evaluate or take advantage of them. In conclusion, most will recommend fixed price agreements as this is the easiest contract for them to place – but is this the best fit for your business?

A Transparent and Proven Process

First, our energy sourcing experts provide energy professionals with direct access to wholesale energy prices and work with them to better plan market timing.  After that, we work with commercial energy suppliers on multiple levels to intelligently segment bids. This increases competition and attracts lower energy prices. Thirdly, and most importantly, every bid is analyzed by our regulated energy sourcing team and compared with local utility companies to make sure you buy energy at the lowest possible rate.

What Are Dynamic Supply Agreements?

Using SourceRisk ™, a proprietary dynamic risk management solution, Vervantis calculate energy commodity risk values daily, recommending both fixing and unfixing decisions to match a companies risk profile precisely. Exclusive energy supply agreements allow this flexibility improving both the quality of decisions and sourcing results.

Want More Information?

No problem. There is more information below and we have written a guide to energy procurement that explains some of the considerations in managing an energy RFP yourself or if using a third-party, guidance on the different types of support. You can read it here.

Energy Procurement Demands Expert Attention?

Vervantis clients are purchasing energy using SourceRisk™, a proprietary and dynamic energy procurement and risk management solution for energy professionals with larger utility spends to manage.

Energy prices can be fixed and unfixed in a controlled environment using the same processes found in banks and energy suppliers. This dynamic process facilitates better optimization and control of energy wholesale prices with Value at Risk (VaR) calculations applied daily to ensure decisions follow approved guidelines.

Transactions are still made with commercial energy suppliers using the same type of supply agreements companies use now.

Utility Price Analysis

Utility companies have no obligation to make sure you are always on the best rate. However, Vervantis sourcing professionals leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of lower energy prices. Our corporate energy procurement team have developed an exacting process to accurately compare consumption with every available rate from every utility company across the United States.  XLR8™, a proprietary rate analysis tool cleans and profiles utility data to hunt for the best energy rate options from more than 11,000 rate options.

If you’re still evaluating energy procurement decisions based on outcomes and hindsight – Its time to talk to our team.


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