Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management strategies control energy volatility like a bank. SourceRisk™, a proprietary solution, allows dynamic buying decisions through supplier agreements.

Energy Price Risk Management

If your company spends $5m or more on either electricity or natural gas, the business case for the risk management of energy procurement is much stronger, mainly due to the impact of energy price volatility. Therefore, more sophisticated tools are needed to protect spending.

While the price of commodities such as fuels can be volatile in the short term, they can also follow long cycles meaning that prices can remain elevated or depressed for extended periods of time. As a result, commodity price volatility needs a strategy to manage it in both the short and long term.

To address this, Vervantis applies the tools and skills commonly found in banks and energy suppliers to accurately measure an organizations value at risk and, using proprietary supply agreements negotiated with energy vendors, transact dynamically under a carefully crafted procurement process.

Dynamic transactions alter the percentage that is fixed or unfixed at any point in time and can be made freely in small or large blocks.  This fine tuning ensures goals are met with a clear understanding of, and careful watch on, the underlying category risk being taken.

We developed and pioneered this approach specifically for energy consumers almost twenty years ago, a process which complies with all accounting or auditor led directives (SOX, Dodd-Frank, IAS39, FAS133 etc), as a result, finance teams are happy too.

Risk Energy Procurement Example

Energy consumers with sites in markets or regions with no competitive sourcing can still get cheaper rates. Vervantis has proprietary models which accurately analyze and compare thousands of regulated utility rates against your facilities load profiles, creating savings recommendations in hours.

Vervantis create a strategic environment with supply contract structures to centralize decision making ensuring organizations can act on advice and intelligence quickly across all territories. Our specialists follow a proven process using intelligent segmentation and utility rate analysis to increase competition and savings.

The need for organizations to access and evaluate energy data on demand has never been greater, especially while sourcing.  Vervantis enables this using its secure cloud-based platform DataHub360™ which allows organizations to view and report on their energy, utility, sustainability, and bill management programs instantly.

Utility bill management automates the collection, payment, and validation of invoices.  The speed and accuracy of payments, exception resolution and open close management from our team of billing experts make late payment fees and disconnections a thing of the past.  A financial-grade utility dataset supports utility management programs and helps accounts payable teams lower administration cost by up to 75%.

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