Energy Risk Management

Reduce price volatility with proprietary energy price risk management solution.

If your company spends $5m or more on energy procurement in direct-access markets, the business case for energy risk management is compelling. The impact of energy price volatility can be high, so more sophisticated tools are needed for a successful energy procurement strategy.

Managing Energy Price Risk

Energy procurement is different from other spend categories due to the underlying volatility inherent in the commodities. However, while the price of energy commodities such as fuels can be volatile in the short term, they can also follow long cycles meaning that energy prices can remain elevated or depressed for extended periods. As a result, commodity price volatility needs a strategy to manage it in both the short and long term.

To address this, Vervantis applies energy risk management tools and skills commonly found in banks and energy suppliers to accurately measure and control an organization’s exposure to energy commodity prices using value at risk. Our energy procurement experts negotiate exclusive supply agreements directly with energy vendors allowing organizations to transact dynamically under an expertly managed energy sourcing process.

Assurance is the Cornerstone of Excellence

Vervantis is SOC2 Type II certified by independent auditors of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). This is an ongoing, year-round process that attests our controls and processes meet AICPA trust criteria, as well as rigorous independent penetration testing of our utility software DataHub360TM ensuring data is secure. Cyber insurance is standard in our agreements providing additional assurance and peace of mind.

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A New Approach To Energy Risk Management

Dynamic transactions alter the percentage of your energy spend that is fixed or unfixed at any point in time, and purchases are in small or large blocks. This fine-tuning of transactions ensures energy risk management goals are met with a clear understanding of, and a careful watch on, the taken underlying category risk. Risk reports and energy data analysis are available 24/7 through DataHub360™, our proprietary energy management portal.

We developed and pioneered this energy risk management approach to energy procurement, specifically for large energy consumers. The process is, with absolute certainty, the logical conclusion of how consumers should buy energy commodities (natural gas, electricity, fuel oils, etc.). More importantly, it complies with all accounting or auditor led directives (SOX, Dodd-Frank, IAS39, FAS133, etc.), so as a result, your finance team will be happy too.

To learn more about energy risk management, flexible energy procurement, or value at risk and how it improves procurement decision-making – request our free guide above.

If you are in an area that does not support energy competition, check out the tab below to understand how our regulated energy sourcing solutions can help you.

Want More Information?

No problem. There is more information below, and we have written a guide to energy procurement that explains some of the considerations in managing an energy RFP yourself or if using a third-party, guidance on the different types of support. You can read it here.

Energy Procurement Specialists

Risk Management

SourceRisk™ is our proprietary risk management solution for energy professionals that accurately measures price risk and maintains the range you allow.

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Energy Sourcing

Our energy sourcing specialists bring independent advice, intelligent strategies and wholesale price transparency.

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Regulated Sourcing

Our proprietary rate analysis model accurately analyzes and compares thousands of regulated utility rates against your facilities load profiles, creating savings recommendations in hours.

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Data Analysis

Our proprietary energy management portal, DataHub360™, allows organizations to instantly view and report on utilities, sustainability and bill management programs.

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Renewable Sourcing

Renewable sourcing can be complicated with a mixture of energy procurement contracts, physical and virtual options available. Our experts specialize in delivering the advice and strategies that environmental and cost-conscious organizations need for success.

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Energy consultancy and utility procurement is much more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision.

The speed and accuracy required for timely bill payment, exception resolution, and open close management.

Energy & Sustainability is streamlined with our agile and accredited financial-grade reporting software that underpins CSR programs.

Our distributed generation and energy storage specialists provide independent financial-grade analysis, project management.

Serving Commercial and Industrial Energy Consumers Across the Globe

Vervantis commercial energy consultants serve multiple countries and geographies providing a single solution for outsourced energy & sustainability expertise for businesses. We manage and centralize utility, CSR and ES&G programs, providing regional support to deliver local language expertise across established and emerging markets.

“Vervantis manages our energy purchasing, billing, account administration, sustainability and everything in-between. The service is incredible, they’re always going beyond our agreement to help”

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“The team at Vervantis got to know our business and found a renewable energy solution that not only met our environmental goals but saved us money and provided covered parking too”

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Mountain Park Health Centers

“We used Vervantis engineers for ASHRAE energy audits of our town buildings. The operational and behavioral inefficiencies identified saved us almost 10% without spending a cent on equipment”

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