Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics

Monitor and analyze energy and emmisions performance in the detail you need.

Drill Down Energy Analyticsand Reporting

The solution is optimized for sustainability where large volumes of high-frequency interval and meter data and provides users with insightful interactive “stock chart” style visualizations. These highlight consumption hotspots, help set targets and monitor the performance of individual meters or submeters.

The Energy Analytics solution enjoys all of the powerful automated data acquisition and data cleansing capabilities, as well as enterprise-grade audit controls.

Performance reporting is a key part of the Energy & Carbon Solution. Not only monitoring quantities consumed but normalizing and standardizing the data to make it more meaningful. Additional insights are achieved by using KPI’s like floor space, revenue, production volumes, and headcount, giving a more realistic perspective.

Zoom In on your hotspots
Drilldown to the meter, or building of interest and zoom in. Easy!

Comprehensive Coverage for AllScope 1Scope 2Scope 3Supply ChainCSRData Sources

Experience the click and drag "Stock Charts" style graphing

Instant Reporting

Report aggregated results, or individual sites or meters instantly

Drill down

Drill into your consumption hot spots to find the offending meter, fast

Easy to Use

Easy to use yet incredibly powerful

Zoom In - Zoom Out

Easily browse your energy profile by half hour, day, week or month to isolate the period of interest

Anything with a Pulse

Energy Analytics can be used on any metering system which is tracking electrical pulses, eg: gas, water, electricity, oil etc

Data Gap Alerts

Alerts for gaps in your data at meter level
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