Vervantis continues to take steps to go green, with its electricity now coming from 100 percent solar generation. Utilizing the Arizona sun to power our operations and help up provide the top-notch service that has come to be expected from our clients. President Dan Moat was delighted to add renewable energy to the long list of measures we have been putting in place to become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable company.

Following Vervantis’s operations center’s recent relocation to larger premises in Tempe, Arizona, it became possible to make upgrades to the building envelope, electrical equipment, and controls. On completion of the building works, Vervantis was able to work with SRP on a procurement agreement that sees 100% solar generation feed the operations center. SRP already has a robust solar energy program that we could take advantage of to power our facilities. Sourcing sustainable energy in this manner is also a service offered for our clients to help them environmental goals.

Dan exclaimed, “It was incredibly frustrating to be providing services to companies that help them become more efficient and sustainable, yet be unable to practice what we preach. Our recent office move has enabled us to take several strides forward in our sustainability initiatives. It puts us in a great position to become carbon neutral over the coming years”.

For more information on Vervantis going 100 percent solar or any other sustainable initiatives, you can contact us here.