Utility Deposit Recovery

Utility Deposit Recovery

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Utility deposit recovery is a dedicated service focused on returning security deposits left with utility companies when accounts are opened. Deposits typically remain until the account is closed – but we think the money’s better in your account.

Every utility company has its own policies and procedures for the capture and retention of utility account deposits, and because there are over 3,500 utility companies in the United States alone, keeping track of all those deposits is difficult.

Our deposit recovery service becomes invaluable to companies with large or medium-sized portfolios with hundreds or thousands of utility accounts, where the aggregate of deposit money can be significant and difficult to keep track of.

Using a proven process, our team of recovery specialists audit and record deposit values across every utility account negotiating their release and tracking refunds to ensure checks are issued or credits made on utility bills.

Monthly reporting keeps energy, utility and finance teams updated on successful refunds and remaining opportunities. The results are impressive with hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility deposits returned each year.

For a more cost-effective way to provide security for your utility accounts – get in touch with our billing experts today to find the right strategy for your business.

Vervantis provides its utility account deposit recovery solution as either a stand-alone service or part of a wider utility bill management program.

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