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Energy & Sustainability is streamlined with our agile and accredited financial-grade reporting software that underpins CSR programs (CDP, DJSI, SASB, GRI etc), and brings environmental strategies to life. Consequently, management is simplified with supplier surveys, task assignment, automated follow-up, and data collection. Due to an independently verified process, data quality is assured, and because we keep all emission factors up to date, you never have to worry about accuracy for audits.

The speed and accuracy required for timely bill payment, exception resolution, and open close management can be challenging.  A utility bill management program can automate the collection, payment, and validation of utility invoices making late payment fees and disconnections a thing of the past. A financial-grade dataset is created to support finance and accounts payable teams in a process that lowers administration cost by up to 75%.

Electricity and Natural Gas are commodities.  Therefore, to understand the best sourcing options, companies often need specialist knowledge from a commercial energy & sustainability consultant to help couple supply chain objectives to risk appetite. Our strategies carefully consider options from competitive energy suppliers and regulated utilities to SourceRisk™, our noteworthy dynamic price risk management solution.

Our distributed generation and energy storage specialists provide independent financial-grade analysis, project management and risk assessments needed to understand power system viability, reliability, and stability. Above all, it is our proven approach to evaluation, financing, and design that provides stakeholders with the confidence needed to ensure investments are sound.

Who We Are

Energy & Sustainability Specialists Providing Global Outsourced, On-Demand Expertise.

Commercial utility advisors serving large and medium-sized companies leading solutions that improve energy, sustainability, and utility programs.

Unlocking potential inherent across all energy & sustainability categories, we derisk processes and sustain captured value through advanced techniques.  A data-driven organization, we streamline and simplify utility management from end to end.

Commercial Energy Advisors - What We Do

Simplify Data Management

Centralized utility data becomes instantly accessible through our secure web-based energy portal DataHub360™. Above all, you can collaborate and report quickly with stakeholders on cost, use, and important energy metrics with ease.

Unlock Hidden Value

Boost the performance and health of energy procurement and supply management. Extract even more value using our multi-stage approach to continuous improvement utilizing specialist procurement and cost analysis across every market and state.

Improve Confidence in Sustainability

Auditable, verifiable and accredited sustainability software demonstrates operational efficiency, consequently accelerating ESG rankings among investors.  Most noteworthy are survey modules that engage suppliers and employees.

Manage Utility Bills

Streamline invoice processing with the automated collection, validation and payment of utility bills. A noteworthy process guaranteed to improve data quality while reducing cost, late fees, and disconnections.

Increase Efficiency

Our engineers hunt down operational and behavioral inefficiencies, identifying energy efficiency measures that most importantly, stop you wasting money.  Utilizing a national library of rebates and incentives, our team recovers funds needed for improvements.

Reduce Risk, Increase Control

What you don’t know can hurt badly. As a result, every day our sourcing team ensure the risk of energy sourced matches your appetite. Using proprietary risk management and contracting techniques you source energy like a supplier but manage it like a bank.

Provide Trusted Advice

As commercial energy & sustainability consultants, we assure absolute confidence in projects.  Our financial-grade analysis is probably the most important factor when considering investments, with advice always on hand from bid to project completion.

Streamline Administration

Improve data capture for benchmarking and business analysis. Enjoy fast resolution to energy lease audits, tenant re-billing, scam resolution, accruals, account open / closes and billing exceptions using our specialist team of utility experts.

Who We Do It For

Serving Commercial and Industrial Energy Consumers Across the Globe.

Vervantis serves multiple countries and geographies making it the single solution for outsourced energy & sustainability expertise for businesses.  We manage and centralize utility, CSR and ES&G programs, providing regional support to deliver local language expertise across established and emerging markets.

Energy & Sustainability Advice Trusted By

What They Say

“Vervantis manage our energy purchasing, billing, account administration, sustainability and everything in-between. The service is incredible, they’re always going beyond our agreement to help”

Winnie Buchanan

Winnie BuchananDirector Facilities - Aaron’s Inc.

“The team at Vervantis got to know our business and found a renewable energy solution that not only met our environmental goals but saved us money and provided covered parking too”

Brian Wedgeworth

Brian WedgeworthFacilities Director - Mountain Park Health Centers

“We used Vervantis engineers for ASHRAE energy audits of our town buildings.  The operational and behavioral inefficiencies identified saved us almost 10% without spending a cent on equipment”

JoAnn Cathcart

JoAnn CathcartTown N. Attleborough

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