Energy Futures Wholesale Pricing


Energy Futures Pricing Launched.

Vervantis secure cloud-based energy portal DataHub360™ is proving even more popular with energy procurement professionals now that it includes the latest wholesale market pricing for deregulated markets across the United States. Contracts for natural gas, electric power, fuel oils, coal and just about everything else energy you can imagine are now available to clients and included as part of any standard energy solution.

VP of Operations John Warrick said “Vervantis is a data-driven company. My vision from our inception was to empower our customers through intelligent access to metrics they use to make and shape decisions.” John continued “Providing energy and fuels futures pricing enables customers to see directly what’s happening in the energy markets and better understand the optimum timing of transactions. The information dovetails nicely with our risk-managed procurement solution SoureRisk™, which enables larger energy users to dynamically manage purchasing decisions, both fixing and unfixing blocks of energy through their physical supply contract under the careful management of our expert risk analysts.”

DataHub360™ has become one of the most valuable tools for large and medium-sized companies to analyze, visualize and report on their energy programs. A single login provides access to utility bill management, the latest processing metrics and copy invoices, energy procurement information, master agreements, and supplier contracts including pricing and renewals, the latest weather and streaming market and customer segment news, as well as the latest site and account correspondence, making the tracking of activities on sites or accounts easy.  A full suite of CDP accredited sustainability software keeps you on track with your CSR and ESG goals and reporting as do an entire library of utility and energy management reports.

DataHub360™ is continuing to evolve and futures information is just one of many innovations we will bring this year”. For a demonstration, visit our data page to connect.

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