Vervantis Launches SME Business

Small is Beautiful

SME energy procurement is launched. Vervantis Vice President Dan Moat, today announced the launch of a new service developed specifically for energy consumers in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category.  Available across all deregulated regions, Vervantis are helping smaller users of electricity or natural gas get access to the most competitive energy rates available.

Vervantis access a pool of over sixty top energy suppliers through an on-line bidding system.  Speaking about the launch, Dan said, “This new service is aimed directly at the smaller business owner to help them become more competitive and ensure they don’t leave any money on the table. It now means that Mom and Pop businesses in retail, restaurant, health care and manufacturing will be able to competitively shop for their energy and find a new supplier in literally minutes”.

VP Operations, John Warrick confirmed that from contact to contract could be achieved by his team in the time it takes to make a coffee.  With savings for some consumers running into thousands of dollars, it makes sense to check your rates, and one free call is all it takes to find out: +1 888-988-5474

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