Water & Water Treatment

Water & Water Treatment

Water & waste water treatment is simplified. Transfer metered water data into insightful trend analysis, identifying consumption outliers.

Water & Waste Water Treatment: Dive Into Your Water Data Like A Pro

In the past, for many companies water was considered just an extra cost that they had no control over, but increasingly there are technologies to reduce water consumption, re-use water, and to invest in higher value water & waste water treatment facilities.

Accurate and clear dash-boarding of an organizations water consumption by building and by meter is vital. Insightful trend analysis by the half hour and associated reports are more valuable than ever in the financial discussion around funding investments in site-based water use reduction and treatment.

The Accuvio solution provides exactly this. Just like electricity and natural gas, the water dashboards enjoy the same top level aggregation and the drill down capability where meter data exists, simplifying the reporting process for large organizations where water is a significant cost.

Streamlining environmental and sustainability reporting on water & waste water treatment is easy with Accuvio software from Vervantis.

Treat Your Water Data With The Same Respect AsEnergyFinanceFuelData Sources

Our Features

Sub Metering

Combined analysis of sub-meters with fiscal meters, and compare with invoices for cost analysis

Aggregate and Disaggregate Data

Combine invoice data spread over the billing period days with interval meter data to get a smooth reflection of your consumption profile

Easy to Use

Easy to use yet incredibly powerful

Site Level User Management

Assign site specific access to individual Facility Managers or operation management for data entry and reporting

Data Gaps

Alerts for gaps in your data sources

Custom Dashboards

Interactive customisable dashboards provide detailed insights

Instant Reporting

Report aggregated results, or individual sites or assets instantly

100 % Auditable

100% transparency of all calculations, and change logs

Data Cleaning

Data validation and cleaning at each step of the process
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