Utility Account Open Close

Utility Account Open Close

Utility Account Open Close Administration

Opening and closing utility accounts can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are over 3,500 utility companies in the USA alone, each with their own processes and protocols for opening or closing an account, making it challenging for real-estate and facility teams to manage.

Vervantis work directly with utilities, real-estate teams, and accounts payable departments to ensure electricity, gas, water, sewer and trash accounts are opened or closed correctly. Our billing specialists do all the heavy lifting, managing activity from start to finish. Deposit negotiations, first and final invoice validations and all associated billing exceptions are resolved until every account is billing correctly or the final invoice is verified.

Working as an extension of your team, a fully customizable service is provided that can respond to fluctuations in demand. Large site acquisitions or disposals with little notice are quickly managed by our billing specialists who can manage hundreds of accounts in 30 days less.

Opened accounts are put on the most appropriate rates for your forecast consumption or added to existing supply contracts automatically. Our team provides detailed weekly reporting on all activity keeping stakeholders informed of progress. Deposits are negotiated away wherever possible for new accounts or return confirmed with the final invoice.

Because services are provided both as part of a wider bill management package or stand alone and on-demand, you can be sure our billing specialists will right size the solution for you.

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Vervantis are Capturis Channel Partners, North Americas leading UBM service provider. As Channel Partners Vervantis are uniquely positioned to manage utility billing data, invoice exceptions, account open close administration and reporting.  Utility data streams can automatically be uploaded to DataHub360™, our secure cloud-based energy management portal.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or managing account open close administration for the first time, our team has the knowledge and insight to improve your process and save you more – guaranteed!

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