Billing Exception Resolution

Billing Exception Resolution

Billing Exception Resolution

Billing exception resolution often needs specialist knowledge to validate them correctly. Dealing with queries takes time, and time is a luxury that does not exist when paying utility bills, increasing the chance of disconnections and late fees.

While organizations with large quantities of utility accounts find automating utility bill collection and payment invaluable, fatal exceptions that hold up payments still need to be managed. Because we manage tens of thousands of invoices, we are expert in recognizing and resolving queries quickly.

Many exceptions are straightforward, but those requiring specialist knowledge often get approved for payment to maintain service. This makes them harder to track and worse may prevent future incorrect bills from appearing in the future.

Fortunately, Vervantis take care of that. We offer a complete management service to investigate, validate and resolve exceptions for payment. Our billing specialists thoroughly investigate and resolve all fatal account exceptions directly with utility vendors so an organization’s accounts payable or facilities team is only contacted when all other known avenues have been exhausted.

The benefit of our process is clearly demonstrated in the reduction of disconnections, overspends, and late fees, which can fall by over 72% in just a few months (see chart).

Furthermore, because we offer our service both as part of a full-service solution or as a stand-alone solution, we can right size the service for your needs.

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graph showing the reduction in utility late fees following billing exception resolution service

The graph above is an extract from one of our clients’ monthly report on late fees. In this example, the impact of our exception resolution service is clearly visible.

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