Utility Audit & Accrual Resolution

Accurate utility lease audits, invoice redistributions, and accrual resolution

Vervantis are experts in accurately redistributing invoices for tenant billing. We audit leases and investigate utility accruals to resolution. Improve cash flow and swiftly remove the need for charge-back estimates or accrued amounts in financial statements.

Utility Audit & Accrual Process

A team of industry experts specializing in large and medium-sized companies provides utility audit & accrual resolution services. We deliver an accurate and swift resolution of complex billing anomalies, lease responsibilities, tenant redistributions, and aging utility accrual issues.

Incurred utility accruals during an accounting period for which no there are no received invoices are, therefore, estimated figures since the invoice, when received, may show a different amount.  Vervantis billing specialists investigate and audit every accrual to resolution, removing the need for estimates and annual reporting of accrued amounts in financial statements.

Organizations with large portfolios have found it beneficial to continue this audit philosophy into the rest of the portfolio to make sure utilities are billed correctly. Vervantis compare utility invoices against facilities, landlord and lease agreements, and sub-tenant agreements to accurately apply charges and tenant bill-backs.

Vervantis accurately create invoices for tenants from sub-meters based on actual usage. If sub-meters are not available, our billing specialists divide vendor invoices by user-defined factors such as square footage, calculated, or customized energy use intensity metrics.

Every location is subject to a thorough examination to ensure every utility account is matched to a live site. Accounts identified as billing but vacated are closed with payment responsibilities correctly established and recorded within utility bill payment systems and accounts payable departments.

The forensic nature of the audit process provides organizations with a reliable dataset of validated accounts necessary for effective planning and accurate utility budgeting.

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