Sustainability Software Launched


Sustainability Software Launched

Vervantis has today launched CDP accredited CSR/ ESG sustainability software to complement its advice and existing suite of energy solutions.  Over 2000 fuel and business activities can be captured through this intuitive sustainability software in a process independently validated by SGS.

The secure, cloud-based platform is easy to use and brings an incredible level of flexibility, which combined with powerful data analytics and automated capture and validation processes deliver a powerful tool to sustainability professionals. As you would expect from a leading sustainability software platform, global CSR and ESG metrics can be captured, measured and reported with ease, providing audit-able compliance in an instant.

Global emission factors are kept up to date in our sustainability software automatically at no additional charge, making calculations both robust and fully auditable. Surveys of suppliers and employees can be created using a questionnaire builder with multiple options to streamline responses and improve engagement. Non-respondents are followed up through the system until they reply and all answers are added to the system to create both a benchmark and year on year ranking.

CDP, DJSI, SASB, and many other CSR reporting mechanisms are templated right out of the box providing all the required financial-grade emissions data in seconds. For organizations internally reporting, there is also the option to create customized templates for corporate reports.

The sustainability software can be licensed either stand-alone or as a fully managed solution. Vervantis supports clients with strategic advice and through validation of Scope 1 and Scope 2 energy and utility metrics alongside its suite of energy analytics and invoice systems.

To find out how Vervantis can streamline your sustainability reporting you can watch a quick demonstration or contact us here.

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