Volunteering for social causes is a powerful and transformative practice that benefits everyone involved. From the communities receiving support to our employee’s personal growth, the positive ripple effects are undeniable. Embracing social responsibility not only demonstrates our commitment to making the world a better place but also cultivates a corporate culture that values compassion, empathy, and collective effort.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, Vervantis employees located at its Colombia office, volunteered their weekend to build a home the company funded through TECHO, a youth-led non-profit organization that works in informal settlements is a specialist in this region.

TECHO support many different projects to improve access to clean water, sanitation, permanent and progressive housing. This project was to provide a progressive home, which are innovative, adaptable houses in informal settlements giving families the possibility of expanding and improving them.

The team travelled to an outlying area of the city of Medellin, to a neighborhood called Nuevo Jerusalem, an area where unfortunately there is a high level of poverty and inequality, no potable water, no public transport, no energy and the inhabitants live in very difficult conditions. With the help of TECHO, Vervantis constructed a home for a family in need, providing them a better quality of life and contributing to their dreams and hopes for a better future.

As a global energy services company that provides mission-critical software and sustainability solutions to support its clients across the private and public sectors, Vervantis goal is to generate awareness of social responsibility in order to build a better future for people in need. Vervantis plans to continue working with TECHO to fund and provide volunteer support for more housing to families in need and are delighted to have completed its first project.

An often-overlooked benefit of corporate social responsibility programs, is that they can improve employee motivation and increase productivity, which has a positive impact on the company overall. Volunteering is an important enabler for sustainable development that allows individuals and communities to participate in their own growth. Through volunteering, people gain a sense of responsibility for their own community. If you have any doubts about this read the message received from our team after their weekend of hard work.

“Hi, we hope you are doing well! From the Vervantis team of Colombia we wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate as volunteers building the home and dreams of a family. It was a beautiful experience that we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives. How incredible is to be part of a company that encourages its employees to support social causes. We feel very fortunate and thankful to be part of this company.❤”.

If you are a company considering a social responsibility program and are unsure of the impact, I think you will agree that this project and team message provides all the confirmation you need to move forward.