Vervantis Volunteer Program Helps Feed 132 Children For A Year!

Vervantis is quickly emerging as one of the leading providers of energy, utility, and sustainability solutions across North America.  The special ingredient to its success, according to President Dan Moat, is its culture and its people, and like any recipe, the quality of the ingredients is critical.

“Building a team from scratch can be a daunting task, finding the brightest people you can is a given, but they have to fit in with the culture too,” says Dan.  “When I floated the idea of volunteering, everyone said they would value getting involved and saw it as an important thing for us to do. I think it is moments like this that you realize you have created a team with something special”.

“After such a warm reception to the idea, we decided to formalize our commitment by providing every employee with 32 hours a year of PTO for volunteer activities, which has not only had a positive impact on social and environmental issues but helped them feel more connected to their community and fulfilled in their roles”.

The first project selected was supporting a charitable organization called Feed My Starving Children, which is committed to the eradication of child hunger.  In just a few short hours at FMSC’s preparation and packing center, the team had contributed to making 48,384 meals, which is enough to feed 132 children for a year!

While the charity has its highest demand overseas, it helps children across North America, including the United States. FMSC also provides educational support to help communities stand on there own again, transferring relief to resiliency.

“It was incredible to see how happy and connected everyone was after the event, which created a huge buzz of positivity. Our volunteering program has had an enormous impact and is something I thoroughly recommend to any business no matter how big or small you are”.

For more information on our CSR commitments, our environmental policy statement is available on our website.