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Vervantis Completes Program to Provide Energy Solutions Nationwide

PUC licenses for all American energy markets have now been obtained, allowing energy procurement in direct access, deregulated energy markets across the United States. North American corporations now have more options when looking for a national energy procurement partner. Vervantis completed its program to gain license approvals from Public Utility Commissions in all US states with a competitive energy market in record time, establishing a number of local offices to support its operations. “Establishing ourselves across the US was imperative to [...]


Shorts on the Line!

Energy Shorts In the last seven weeks, those who have been watching the oil markets would notice a 50% increase in cost.  With a global market in oversupply, and crude stocks fast approaching their highest ever levels, it is right to wonder what might be causing this upward pressure. The answer in part appears to be shorts! Traders have been getting out of their energy shorts, and fast!  In fact, according to the U.S. Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, it was the largest on record. In the [...]


Deja Vu?

Deja Vu? The automotive Deja Vu is DeLorean. It was this day 34 years ago, that  the DeLorean Motor Company went to the wall leaving us thinking we were destined only to see these stainless steel cars in the movies. Well, thanks to a recent change in US regulations, smaller volume auto manufacturers will be allowed to produce up to 325 vehicles a year without all the automotive red tape of modern manufacturing. DeLorean is hoping to be re-producing their [...]

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