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India Invest in Russian Oil

Russian Oil Gets Indian Investment The Russian oil economy, like most oil-rich nations, has been taking a beating lately, as the world’s oversupply of oil drove prices to as low as $26 barrel. The Russian government relies on about half of its income from oil and natural gas sales, and set its budget based on an oil price of $50 barrel. Well, fortunately for mother Russia, oil-hungry India, who import 80% of their oil requirements, decided it was time to increase their [...]


Is Solar being Frozen Out?

Solar Generation Creating Revenue Gap There are two basic groups of energy, renewable energy (biomass, geothermal, solar generation, water, and wind power) and nonrenewable (fossil fuels coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear). Three-quarters of the world’s energy is generated by burning fossil fuels, the US is no different.  Yet already, it appears the recent uptick of solar generation and wind energy for homes and businesses is having an impact on generators.  Generators, already struggling with low energy prices, stringent emissions regulation and a [...]


Oil Falls From Three Month High

Oil Falls Impact Rig Count As some us awake bleary-eyed with an hour less sleep after the spring forward clock change, we find the markets have not been sleeping at all as oil falls. Oil has fallen from a three month high (by just over 3%) on the news that Iran will not be freezing its production, at least until it has reached its target output of 4m barrels per day. That means even less US oil and gas rigs will operate [...]


Low Natural Gas Prices

Low Natural Gas Prices In recent days, I have commented on the fluctuating price of oil and some of the drivers behind the changes in global supply and demand.  The low natural gas prices enjoyed by the US are largely due to the enormous shale discoveries, which until demand increases will keep prices low. While consumers are able to benefit from low natural gas prices, I thought I would take a look at how these lower fuel costs are impacting the generation [...]


LNG Exports

LNG Exports – Massive Increase Planned What has US Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG Exports) and London have in common? Ninety years ago today, the first successful radio-telephone conversations took place between New York and London thanks to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), Radio Corporation of America and Britain’s General Post Office (GPO).  Since then the pace of change in telephony and technology has been incredible, enabling global trade and communication to be carried out instantly from pretty [...]

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