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Commercial Energy Experts

Light a Fire Under Your Energy Program Across the United States, there are literally thousands of energy advisors, brokers and consultants chasing commercial and industrial energy consumers for their business. The choice is abundant and with each having a compelling story to tell, it can be hard to identify true commercial energy experts.  In the spirit of openness, yes, I want to work with you too, but regardless of who you decide to work with, there are a few things that energy professionals should check that [...]

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Vervantis Completes Program to Provide Energy Solutions Nationwide

PUC licenses for all American energy markets have now been obtained, allowing energy procurement in direct access, deregulated energy markets across the United States. North American corporations now have more options when looking for a national energy procurement partner. Vervantis completed its program to gain license approvals from Public Utility Commissions in all US states with a competitive energy market in record time, establishing a number of local offices to support its operations. “Establishing ourselves across the US was imperative to [...]

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