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Building Business Case: Sustainability Reporting

Compiling a business case for Sustainability and Energy reporting software to be put to a board or financial director can be challenging to quantify and articulate. So to help you stop your plans from becoming overgrown and smothered, we have compiled this document, which outlines some of the key components
sustainability reporting

Building Business Case: Utility Bill Management

Building a business case for outsourcing Utility Bill Management may be challenging to quantify or articulate to stakeholders, so in this article, we examine the commercial and operational benefits of utility bill processing solutions and address the typical misnomers associated with the program. Resources It is an important consideration for
utility management business case account cost

Energy Industry “Biden” It’s Time

The energy industry is literally Biden it’s time with a transfer of power expected from the Trump administration to President-elect Joe Biden in the coming weeks, many American industries wonder what effect this could have on their businesses. The energy industry is no different, especially with some of the big
Energy Policy Biden Vervantis Blog

A Year in Review – Vervantis 2020

It has been a challenging year for hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of their employees due to the stranglehold of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In almost every sector from the smallest mom and pop business to the largest corporation, the financial strain of disruption has been catastrophic. As a
Year Review vervantis pandemic 2020
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