Monthly Archives - November 2018


Refreshing New Look

Why Rebrand? Rebranding Vervantis and generating a new look was essential as the business transitioned out of its traditional services to a new suite of solutions that take energy managment to the next level. It has been almost three years since Vervantis was established, since that time, the company and the solutions offered have grown significantly, but behind the scenes, many new invoations remained under development. Whats New? This wasn’t just about rebranding and generating a new look though, explains President Dan [...]


CDP Fall Forum – 2018

The CDP Fall Forum was an excellent opportunity to join our sustainability software channel partners, who were sponsors of this year’s event at One World Trade Center in New York. This was an evening of networking and a “Highlights of the Year” review of commitments and actions among North American investors, companies, cities, states, and regions in the CDP family. The Keynote speaker was Steve Curwood, executive producer and host of NPR’s award-winning weekly environmental news program Living on Earth. Curwood created Living [...]

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