Who We Are

We are an on-demand team of energy, utility, & sustainability professionals.

Each member of our team is very different. We’re individuals, committed to being the best at what we do, but we work together beautifully because we have three essential traits in common. We’re technically excellent – we only employ people at the very top of their game, and we understand the operational challenges of working in a complex environment.

We are the Energy ProcurementSustainability SoftwareEnergy EfficiencyDistributed GenerationPower StorageUtility Bill PayRegulated Electric MarketUtility Account AdministrationSourcing RiskEnergy Lobbying experts.

Vervantis are independent results-driven energy specialists led by professionals with over 100 years of energy experience.

Vervantis Inc. is an energy, sustainability, and utility bill management specialist providing advice, software, and expertise to large and medium-sized companies across North America. The company manages a diverse portfolio of clients in the retail, real-estate, medical and industrial sector from its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, where it is operationally responsible for the processing and payment of hundreds of thousands of utility accounts and the purchase of several billion dollars in energy spend.

Vervantis is focused on streamlining energy, utilities, and environmental management processes so that businesses can focus on revenue based activities rather than costly administrative tasks. The company is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and CCPA compliant, which means data is secure, and its a company you can trust.

Meet The Team

Vervantis provide energy & sustainability expertise on-demand across the globe with our team of in-house subject matter experts.

Our Leadership

Dan Moat President Vervantis

Dan Moat


Dan has been helping companies streamline energy and utility management internationally for over 25 years, and he’s passionate about it! In 2015 he founded Vervantis Inc. with his partners to share this passion for excellence and innovation with advice, software, and expertise in energy, sustainability, and utility bill management.

In Europe, Dan was co-owner of Encore International, one of the largest European energy consultants with over a hundred advisors, who specialized in dynamic utility purchasing and risk strategies targeted toward large & medium-sized companies. He managed this business’s successful sale in 2010 before setting up a home in Phoenix, AZ, and becoming a US citizen, where he lives with his wife and five children.

Jon Warrick VP Operations Vervantis Profile

John Warrick

Vice President & CIO

John is an experienced energy industry veteran of over 9 years in the North America market.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, John honed his skills with two of the largest global energy advisors in various operational and analytical capacities.  Previously he has worked as a client manager to Fortune 500 companies and a project manager for large commercial and industrial projects.

An expert in utility optimization, John managed a consulting project to municipalize the electric utility for a city and has been instrumental in multiple process efficiency and big data analysis projects.  John’s experience is particularly valuable given the increase in corporate and commercial renewable energy incentives across the Americas.  He has overseen and financially modeled several renewable energy projects over 200MW for both producers and consumers to find viable off-take agreements to underpin project financing using purchase power agreements (PPA) or dynamic hedging.  John has experience developing complex hedging strategies for long-term energy purchases.

John has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  John’s background is in Finance and Information Technology.

Larry Ihrke

Chief Financial Officer

Larry is an experienced CFO joining from an accomplished career in the print industry. Larry is responsible for both finance and compliance managing the various requirements of State licensing, filing along with Vervantis SOC2 Type 2 certification compliance and audits.

Mark Dickinson


Mark is an experienced energy professional with over 20 years spent in the global energy wholesale, retail, and advisory space. Recognized as one of the industry’s leading authorities on energy risk management, Mark obtained his MSc in finance from London Business School in 1998 and received the prestigious Accomplished Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 award from the London Business School Alumni.

Founded in 2015, Vervantis is an independent specialist in energy management solutions for industrial and commercial businesses, focusing on the North American electricity and natural gas markets.

Prior to Vervantis, in 2001, Mark founded Encore International where he built an energy services business specializing in energy price risk management for large energy consumers. He successfully sold Encore in 2010 to M&C Energy Group, where he took on the role of CEO of the entire group. He grew the business organically and through acquisitions, transforming it into a global platform that served over 1,000 of the world’s largest energy consumers before managing its sale in 2012.

Energy & Sustainability Expertise

We customize our work for every client. It often involves a mix of solutions that cut across departmental silos to deliver joined-up results. These are some of the most common areas we cover:

Energy Management Software

Centralized utility data is instantly accessible through our secure web-based energy portal DataHub360™. Collaborate and report quickly with your stakeholders on cost, use, and all your essential energy metrics.

Energy Procurement

Boost the performance and health of energy procurement and supply management. Extract more value using our multi-stage approach to continuous improvement utilizing specialist procurement and cost analysis across every market and state.

Sustainability Software

Auditable, verifiable, and accredited sustainability software demonstrate operational efficiency for stakeholders, accelerating ESG rankings among investors.  Engage colleagues and suppliers through intuitive survey modules.

Utility Bill Management

Streamline invoice processing with the automated collection, validation, and payment of utility bills—a process guaranteed to improve data quality while reducing cost, late fees, and disconnections.

Energy Efficiency

Our engineers hunt down operational and behavioral inefficiencies, identifying energy conservation measures that stop you from wasting money.  Utilizing our national library of rebates and incentives, our team recovers funds needed for improvements.

Wholesale Price Risk Management

What you don’t know can hurt badly. Every day our sourcing team ensures the risk of energy sourced matches your appetite. Using proprietary contracting techniques, you can source energy like a supplier but manage risk like a bank.

Distributed Generation

Assure absolute confidence in generation or storage schemes. The financial-grade analysis recommends optimum funding and sizing options. Expert consulting and advice are always on hand from vendor bid to project completion.

Utility Administration

Improve data capture for benchmarking and business analysis. Enjoy fast resolution to energy lease audits, tenant re-billing, scam resolution, accruals, account open / closes, and billing exceptions using our specialist team of utility experts.

Who We Do It For:

We Serve Industrial Manufacturers, Restaurants, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Real Estate Companies.

Vervantis serves multiple countries and geographies, making it the single solution for outsourced energy & sustainability expertise.  We manage and centralize utility, CSR, and ES&G programs, providing regional support to deliver local language expertise across established and emerging markets.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or outsourcing on-demand services for the first time, get to know our team. Their knowledge and insight will improve your processes and save you more – guaranteed!

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