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Oil Prices Impact Utility Cost

Crude Oil has Increased 80% Since February! – So What Action Did You Take? Since crude oil prices collapsed in February 2016 to their lowest point in recent years, crude has been making a very steady recovery.  This morning WTI was over $48 bbl up 80% from its low just a little over three months ago.  Oil inventories are in decline for a second week, partly demand driven and partly supply, thanks to Nigeria’s unplanned outages – there seems little to [...]


Low Natural Gas Prices

Low Natural Gas Prices In recent days, I have commented on the fluctuating price of oil and some of the drivers behind the changes in global supply and demand.  The low natural gas prices enjoyed by the US are largely due to the enormous shale discoveries, which until demand increases will keep prices low. While consumers are able to benefit from low natural gas prices, I thought I would take a look at how these lower fuel costs are impacting the generation [...]


LNG Exports

LNG Exports – Massive Increase Planned What has US Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG Exports) and London have in common? Ninety years ago today, the first successful radio-telephone conversations took place between New York and London thanks to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), Radio Corporation of America and Britain’s General Post Office (GPO).  Since then the pace of change in telephony and technology has been incredible, enabling global trade and communication to be carried out instantly from pretty [...]

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