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Energy Insider Intro
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Hi, I’m Dan Moat, and for over twenty-five years I have been working exclusively with businesses to help them improve energy performance and streamline utility related administration.  In this series of podcasts, I will be exploring the energy value chain as it relates to large and medium-sized commercial energy users for whom the value chain can be quite long and in places relatively complex.

Before we start, what do I actually mean by the energy value chain?

Well, this typically starts before the meter with the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, electric generation, storage, transmission and distribution and extends to the energy market itself where the commodities are traded.

After energy passes through our meters to our sites, the responsibility to reduce cost and improve efficiency increases exponentially as data is scrutinized by procurement teams, accounts payable and finance teams, facility engineers and sustainability champions.

So, one podcast at a time I will be delving into each link of the chain, stripping back the complexities to provide end users with a source of reference and guide to industry best practice.

We begin the journey with an overview of the energy markets, what influences energy prices and what you can do about it!

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