General Questions

Vervantis actively manages electricity and natural gas procurement for industrial and commercial companies across North America.

In most cases the answer is no, but it depends on your unique situation. Your supplier is hoping you’ll either be panicked, into renewing because you have left it too late, or are too occupied elsewhere to issue a request for proposal (RFP). In our experience it is better to shop the market thoroughly to ensure you are getting the most favourable supply contract terms and rates as they’re always changing. In most cases, suppliers will agree a rate for a short term extension (one or two months) which would then allow a competitive managed sourcing process.

Yes. In most natural gas, and some competitive electricity markets, Vervantis is able to negotiate with suppliers to provide agreements which enable smaller transactions and a closer correlation to wholesale markets. Vervantis evaluates your demand data and location automatically to assess your compatibility for our wholesale solution.

Vervantis is independent and unbiased. We know which suppliers are competitive in every State and agree in advance with you, a list of credit worthy vendors to receive your RFP. Through a structured, transparent, contract negotiation process, Vervantis evaluates supplier responses both quantitatively and qualitatively so you can see exactly how each bid is made up and ranked.

No, the great thing about managing energy, is you can never start too early; Vervantis will be able to help you manage all your upcoming supply contracts and optimise decisions several months, even years in advance. The sooner you begin the more opportunity you will have.

You will immediately be assigned a Client Solutions Manager (CSM), who will become your single point of contact within Vervantis. The CSM’s are proactive, they track your performance and communicate directly any variance to your budget, highlighting savings and further opportunities to reduce your cost and use.
Vervantis has a web based platform providing instant access to all your energy and sustainability metrics. In addition, customized reports and summaries are available from your CSM.
Yes, regulated energy markets are actively managed. Using our library of charging structures we ensure clients are on the optimum rate and tariff structures.
Yes. Vervantis can manage the collection, validation and payment of all your utility invoices including electricity, natural gas, water, waste and some oil based fuels.
Yes. Vervantis has a comprehensive cloud based sustainability reporting platform which captures and displays analysis on global emissions. Powerful energy analytics software enables you to zone in on consumption hot spots and benchmark meters over time. Provides Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions tracking, is Internationally compliant with 7 Kyoto gases, ISO14001, ISO14064, GHG Protocol and DEFRA. We provide a full CRC suite of reports and a powerful document repository evidence pack to streamline traceability and auditability. Our solution also provides accurate and timely CSR and ESOS reporting, avoiding unnecessary re-working.
Yes. Regardless of your energy sourcing requirements, Vervantis has sophisticated preparatory software and an extensive library of rates and tariffs to accurately validate your invoices. Regression analysis is performed to identify anomalies and outliers requiring investigation in a closed loop process. Discrepancies are queried with suppliers by our client team, flagged on your workflow and communicated to you by your CSM. No invoice will fall out of our process.
Our compensation is agreed transparently with you, and we don’t take a cent more. This means you are assured we are working for your best interests at all times and not our own. Vervantis quickly becomes an extension of your team bringing energy knowledge, advice and technology that would be less accurate and more expensive to perform internally. Typically, you should expect a 500% return on your fee investment.
Yes. Vervantis would assess your requirements and, depending on the location, either manage these directly or through an approved partner with local knowledge.
No. Vervantis is able to manage both smaller numbers of large industrial users, or larger groups of facilities with smaller consumptions like retailers for example. Our engagement is totally scalable, giving you confidence of continued customer service now and into the future.
Vervantis is new, but our team is not. We have built our systems and processes from ground up, so no legacy technology workarounds. Our leadership is vested in our success, and by definition yours too. With over 50 years’ experience in energy, and consulting services in particular, you can be assured a level of quality, service and agility rarely seen in today’s market. That said, we are able to provide personal testimonials from a host of industry professionals who have worked with us previously and share the excitement of our launch.
Get in touch by phone or email and one of our energy specialists will get right back to you. You won’t be blasted with sales calls and only experienced members of our team will speak to you. We will take the time to understand your objectives and walk you through the solutions appropriate for your goals. It’s as simple as that.

We look forward to hearing from you.