Wholesale Energy Prices

Wholesale Energy Prices
Check market rates for
natural gas & power.

Wholesale energy prices underpin supplier utility rates for electricity and natural gas. The best way to check you’re receiving the right advice on utility purchases is to view the latest wholesale power and gas prices yourself.

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Vervantis provides commercial and industrial energy consumers direct access to the latest commodity prices and energy market data for a range of energy-related categories traded in North American, European, and Asian markets.  Energy procurement professionals can check electricity, natural gas, biofuels, emissions, coal, freight, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemicals wholesale energy and utility rates in minutes.

Filter by product, market, or contract type to display pricing instantly on dynamic charts, which give energy professionals complete control of mapped data points illustrating trends using historic price evolution.

North American wholesale power prices for all markets (PJM, CAISO, NYISO, MISO, WESTERN, ERCOT, CANADIAN) peak and off-peak and natural gas markets (HENRY HUB, BASIS, LNG, UK NBP) are included.


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Want More Information on Energy Procurement?

No problem. We have written a guide to energy procurement that explains some of the considerations in managing an energy RFP yourself or if using a third-party, guidance on the different types of support. You can read it here.

Wholesale Energy Prices

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