Renewable Energy Procurement

Renewable energy that doesn’t cost the earth.

Renewable sourcing can be complicated with a mixture of energy procurement contracts, physical and virtual options available. Vervantis specialize in delivering environmental and cost-conscious organizations the advice and strategies needed for success.

Renewable Energy Strategies

Find The Perfect Balance For Your Organization

Many of the world’s leading companies have signed up to a low carbon future, and renewable energy procurement is playing a big part in achieving these sustainable aspirations. Energy consumers have multiple options available, either directly sourcing green energy from utility providers, offsetting usage with renewable energy certificates (RECs), or through more strategic, longer-term commitments in the form of physical or virtual assets.

Below we look at a few of the factors to consider.

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How To Know What's Best For Your Business

When there are so many options available, understanding the right approach is never as straight forward as you think. The cost and risk of each opportunity need careful consideration to find the best strategic fit for each organization that meets both environmental and commercial goals. At Vervantis, our team of specialists finds the perfect balance, carefully assessing the viability of every available option.

Building The Business Case

Multiple factors affect the strength of a business case for renewable energy from your location, tariff structures, available technologies, incentive schemes, size, consumption profile, brand, tax structure, property ownership, funding, market conditions, and so on.  Vervantis use a holistic process to understand the most effective approach, which considers every aspect of physical, virtual, or tariff-based renewable energy procurement.

Meeting Carbon Neutrality

As 2020 approaches, organizations with renewable energy targets or Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction commitments have a renewed urgency to act. While the market has been relatively liquid for REC’s and other Energy Attributable Certificates (EAC’s), recent momentum has brought some constraint.  Timing is undoubtedly an essential factor in any green electricity strategy, especially if you plan on long term commitments.  Fortunately, Vervantis provides all the tools needed for a complete road map to success.

To understand the best approach for your business.

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Sourcing Renewable Energy

A common belief among energy consumers is that buying renewable electricity to become a more sustainable business is more expensive than traditional sources.  While this can be the case, Vervantis has found many examples where renewable energy has been either cost-neutral or at a lower cost than utility rates. If physical assets are viable, it is possible to structure funding with zero out of pocket through power purchase agreements (PPA’s) using third party vendors.

Renewable Electricity – What are the Benefits?

When most people have to answer this question, invariably they will say “because it’s the right thing to do.” However, in business, doing the right thing has to be financially sustainable, including ensuring the execution of several checks and balances so that all the benefits of renewable electricity are accounted for.  This process can involve different departments within an organization and typically includes some of the following areas and teams:

• Economic – Finance Team
• Environmental – Sustainability Team
• Supply – Procurement Team
• Brand – Marketing Team
• Marketing – Sales Team

Each element has a string of attributes that vary in value from one company to the next, so the importance of conducting comprehensive, holistic evaluations can not be understated.

Where Do I Start?

One of the best places to start is with experienced independent practitioners. The most important aspect of a program that involves so many moving parts is for the advice you receive to be unfettered or compromised by hidden agendas.  As genuinely independent specialists, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your project ideas and goals and offer a free one-hour consultation with one of our renewable energy experts to help you get started.

No strings, no sales, just good impartial advice from our green energy guru’s.

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Want More Information?

No problem. We have written a guide to energy procurement that explains some of the considerations in managing an energy RFP yourself or if using a third-party, guidance on the different types of support. You can read it here.

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