Energy Efficiency

Increase energy efficiency and cut costs with an operational and behavioral energy audit.

Our impartial energy efficiency process always starts with no-cost and low-cost solutions before recommending equipment upgrades. This approach, combined with education on behavior-based energy and water conservation strategies, typically delivers savings of up to 15% with little or no capital investment.

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Impartial Energy Efficiency Process

Energy efficiency programs reduce consumption, cost, and emissions. Vervantis engineers focus on changing behaviors before equipment, with impartial advice supporting each recommendation with a clear ROI.

LEED and ASHRAE certified energy efficiency engineers conduct a complete evaluation of facilities, exposing behavioral and operational inefficiencies.  Lighting, refrigeration, HVAC and control recommendations help restaurants and retailers increase comfort and reduce maintenance cost. Building envelopes are checked for air-infiltration issues affecting HVAC and operations evaluated to eliminate the unnecessary use of equipment.

Industrial users receive a full assessment of their Water, Air, Gas, Electric and Steam (WAGES) along with production processes following every unit of energy on its journey through the facility. Through optimization of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems we achieve maximum energy efficiency to design intent.

Our independence is a valuable asset. We are not affiliated in any way to equipment suppliers or manufacturers, our impartial energy efficiency process always starts with no-cost and low-cost solutions before recommending equipment upgrades.  This approach, combined with education on behavior-based energy and water conservation strategies typically delivers savings of up to 15% with little or no capital investment.

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“Vervantis manage our energy purchasing, billing, account administration, sustainability reporting and everything in-between. The service is incredible and they always go above and beyond our agreement to help.”

Winnie Buchanan, Director of Facilities

Distributed generation takes many forms, creating a framework which addresses commercial, social and corporate stakeholders is key. The available technologies and tax incentives play a big part in building the business case, especially for not for profit organizations. Having this analysis completed by an unbiased independent specialist is just the start.

Often we have little control over when we use energy, so making it as cheap as possible when we do is the key driver for most supply chain professionals. Thanks to commercial scale battery storage, organizations can now store cheaper off-peak power for use during peak times, avoiding expensive network charges.

Energy procurement is much more complex than signing a contract and hoping you’ve made the right decision. It takes a lot of research and, even more importantly, an understanding of the energy and utility landscape. For businesses, the way utilities are handled will inevitably influence how much money is spent and how much energy is saved — two things that can drastically change your fiscal outlook. To understand the best solution we carefully consider options from energy suppliers, regulated utilities and SourceRisk™, our noteworthy dynamic price risk management solution.

Sustainability reporting is streamlined with our agile and accredited financial-grade reporting software that underpins CSR programs (CDP, DJSI, GRI etc), and brings environmental strategies to life. Simplify management with supplier surveys, task assignment, automated follow-up and data collection. An independently verified process ensures data quality, and because we keep all emission factors up to date, you never have to worry about accuracy for audits.

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