Touchstone Energy NET17

Touchstone Energy NET17 provided a fantastic week of co-operative networking with inspiring conference agenda and speakers. Well done to Touchstone Energy NET 17 for all their hard work in making it such a great success. Keynote speaker MIT Professor Don Sadoway provided a look into the future of affordable battery storage using liquid metal technology.  Sadoway is also co-founder of Ambri Inc. (formerly Liquid Metal Battery Corporation), which is commercializing the liquid metal battery technology for grid-scale energy storage. In addition to [...]


Oil Storage Fills

Oil Storage Fills Globally More than twice the normal number of oil tankers languish off the coast of Europe’s largest oil terminal in Rotterdam, as the port struggles to unload into bloated oil storage facilities.  It is reported that twice the normal number of vessels are outside the port, leaving around 50 patiently waiting. This side of the pond it’s a similar story, the main US oil storage facility in Cushing, Oklahoma is also at record highs, with an estimated 30 [...]


Warren Vies To End Gridlock

CA Grid Change Coming? Warren Buffett is a shrewd investor unafraid to tackle some of the largest corporations to improve stakeholder value, but one of his latest drives has the potential to help millions of energy consumers too. To understand what is going on, we have to go back in time to the end of 1999 when, soon after the champagne corks had stopped popping for the millennium, things weren’t going so well for the CA grid and power security. Back [...]

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