Weathering the Storm

Existing users of the Vervantis energy, sustainability, and utility bill management software DataHub360™ already know the value of being connected, but the latest addition to the platform has gone down a storm.  Organizations with multiple locations know how impactful weather can be on facilities, utility consumption, and cost.  The development team at Vervantis know that too, so with their strong focus on data and the value it brings, weather metrics are the latest stream to flow seamlessly into utility analysis and reporting. Live streaming [...]


Commercial Energy Prices

Commercial Energy Prices – It’s time to stop the Creep! Commercial energy prices have been rising, with more snow on its way over the next few days, several states continue to deal with “severe” winter weather and the impact on prices from supply and demand. Natural gas spot prices have remained steady, even though this winter has seen more natural gas withdrawn from storage than at any other time in history. Interestingly, after last Friday’s storage report showed weekly withdrawals [...]


Sustainable Ice

Sustainable Ice The rapid warming of the Arctic is raising questions about whether it has sustainable ice deposits. Rapid melting is causing concern to environmental scientists who believe the Arctic will experience its first ice-free summer as early as the year 2040! Sustainability is already high on the agenda of many organizations and likely to become an even hotter topic as time passes, but not because of anything to do with how sustainable ice is in the Arctic. The motivations are [...]

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