Commercial Energy Experts

Light a Fire Under Your Energy Program Across the United States, there are literally thousands of energy advisors, brokers and consultants chasing commercial and industrial energy consumers for their business. The choice is abundant and with each having a compelling story to tell, it can be hard to identify true commercial energy experts.  In the spirit of openness, yes, I want to work with you too, but regardless of who you decide to work with, there are a few things that energy professionals should check that [...]


Solar World

Solar World It’s a good question, why are we not in a solar world that is harnessing more of the suns energy, I mean enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands for an entire year! So what’s the problem? It is hard to provide a succinct answer to this as there are many different factors at play. The cost and return on investment, the low cost of alternate generation, available land, the hours it [...]


Sustainability Software Launched

Sustainability Software Launched Vervantis has today launched CDP accredited CSR/ ESG sustainability software to complement its advice and existing suite of energy solutions.  Over 2000 fuel and business activities can be captured through this intuitive sustainability software in a process independently validated by SGS. The secure, cloud-based platform is easy to use and brings an incredible level of flexibility, which combined with powerful data analytics and automated capture and validation processes deliver a powerful tool to sustainability professionals. As you would expect from [...]


Sustainable Ice

Sustainable Ice The rapid warming of the Arctic is raising questions about whether it has sustainable ice deposits. Rapid melting is causing concern to environmental scientists who believe the Arctic will experience its first ice-free summer as early as the year 2040! Sustainability is already high on the agenda of many organizations and likely to become an even hotter topic as time passes, but not because of anything to do with how sustainable ice is in the Arctic. The motivations are [...]

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