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DataHub360™ – Latest Release Announced

Vervantis latest software release of cloud-based energy portal, DataHub360™ takes the simplification and streamlining of energy data and utility management to a new level. Over recent decades organizations have been outsourcing various areas of utility management from procurement to bill payment.

The downsizing of internal facilities and energy management teams puts a greater emphasis on the tools needed to track, report and manage activities. The problem for many organizations is that most energy advisers have failed to keep pace with technology that can support a constrained resource.

As a data-driven company owned and managed by experts with decades of industry experience, Vervantis knows exactly what your challenges are, and more importantly how to address them. Our development team has made DataHub360™ the one-stop platform that centralizes utility data and highlights hidden value through increased data connectivity. By using elegant work-smart applications and the latest database technology, Vervantis identifies and addresses opportunities with incredible speed.

The latest software release includes wholesale energy pricing, live weather data, correspondence tracking as well as new updates that automate the forensic cleansing and calendarizing of utility data so it matches financial reporting requirements precisely.

Administration of your utilities is now click-instant, from opening and closing utility accounts to viewing contracts, MSA’s and corresponding site level pricing. Clients now have access to futures contract pricing from electricity, natural gas, petrochemicals, coal and more. A suite of reports can be generated in minutes while keeping you up to date with the latest commodity costs, market news and up to the minute weather information. Contact the team for a quick peek at what’s new.

DataHub360™ is available to clients taking any of the Vervantis range of energy and sustainability solutions.

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