Refreshing New Look


Refreshing the brand and generating a new look was essential as the business transitioned out of its solution development phase. It has been almost three years since Vervantis was established, since that time, the company and the solutions offered have grown significantly.

“Providing organizations a better user experience was high on our list of priorities” explained Vice President Dan Moat. “Making the company and its products more accessible on the internet and easier to navigate was at the heart of the project. Energy professionals are incredibly busy, so we wanted to redesign the web architecture to save them time finding valuable information on both market intelligence and the solutions they need.

As experts in our filed for over 25 years, we have taken the opportunity to also share a number of best practice articles and white papers on the most common topics”.

The redesign was managed by Redfern Consulting and Neil Rosekrans Web Design who coordinated seamlessly with the Vervantis marketing team on structure and brand.

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