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Commercial and industrial energy consumers have always needed access to energy data. Normally to check cost, consumption or invoice charges, however the responsibilities of the modern energy professional have made much deeper analysis essential. The Vervantis leadership has been delivering solutions into an evolving energy sector for over twenty years, so when it was time to develop their energy portal, they utilized decades of expertise and the latest modern technology to build it.

Now, through elegant cloud based architecture, consumers can access with just a few clicks, all the energy metrics and analysis they need in an instant.  Cost, consumption, site analytics, bill payment, invoices, budgets, supply contracts, sustainability reporting, position analysis, market reports and more – is all at their fingertips.

VP of Operations John Warrick who led the development said, “Ever since I started working in energy, I became frustrated at the limitations of adviser information systems. Rather than keep up with the times, they were built on legacy platforms which were painfully slow and required expensive manual intervention for the simplest of reports.

The leadership at Vervantis gave me a free reign to develop a platform that met my exacting requirements for function, performance and speed.  The result is DataHub360™, a platform which provides a holistic view of a company’s energy and sustainability data, a tool that is both simple to use yet powerful enough to deliver everything needed by today’s and tomorrow’s energy professional”.

Data Hub 360™ is available to clients taking any of the Vervantis range of energy and sustainability solutions.

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